I built this PC in 2012 and it was my first truly 1080p-capable rig. I initially ran a 450W PSU and a 1GB eVGA GTX560 (back in the day, this was adequate for 1080p High on most games!). I later upgraded to a 600W PSU and a 4GB GTX760. The GTX760 was sold less than a year later when I got a good deal on a GTX970.

When I moved for grad school, I left this PC at home and switched to an RVZ01, taking the GTX970 with me. I still visit home now and then so I put a GTX1050 Mini 2GB in it (so that I can play something when I visit). I also put in a cheap 240GB SSD so that it would at least feel like it's from this decade whenever it boots.

I've now moved on again to a Fractal Node 202 so the RVZ01 will take this PC's place (inheriting the GTX1050 Mini as well), and this PC will finally be retired into the attic!

Part Reviews


I was a poor student when I built this computer, and I didn't care about overclocking. It served me well for 6 years but right now it bottlenecks even a GTX970.


Good old Sandy Bridge! Reliable mobo, nothing special. The PCIe 1x slot later came in useful for adding USB3.0 functionality in 2016.


Great at the time I bought the parts. Now they're inadequate for Hitman 2.


Slower I/O throughput compared to other brands but you get what you pay for. It boots in an appropriate amount of time and is reliable so I'm fine with it .


This used to be my boot drive (I was a poor student then and at the time a flood in Thailand had sent HDD prices through the roof). Booting was painfully slow and modern open-world games gave me long load times.


Recycled this from an old rig and used it to store games since I was too lazy to reformat and switch boot drives.

Video Card

The best GPU I'd ever owned at the time (early 2012). It began to show its age three years later but overall did a fine job handling most games (of the time) at 1080p on medium or high settings.


A cheap case for a poor student. My main criticism was the lack of USB3.0 (a relatively new technology then) but you can just add USB3.0 in the back with a PCIe 1x card.

It has space for 7 hard drives (8 if you put a bracket in the 5.25" bay) so it's great for servers.

Power Supply

Did a great job powering all components plus a GTX760 and later a 970.


Cheap and it works.


I just wanted something cheap with volume controls and this did the job.


12 years old and counting and still works!

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  • 44 months ago
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noice m8.

  • 44 months ago
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More pics? All you have is a single picture of the outside of a case that needs to be cleaned.

  • 44 months ago
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Post moar pics...

I really miss the 2012-2014 GPU designs... :_