I was nub back in december but slowly became a force. It all started with changing the fan in my asus laptop when it died. After that i watched a **** load of linus tech tips and spent months specking out this build and seeing what goes with what and i$ it worth it. I had a budget of about 2000 with the monitor. And here i am. really happy. With rhino open, photoshop and a bunch of webpages playing video a use about 20 of my ram (max)

When it was all said and down it did not work? I trouble shot and was like wtf! I thought it was the monitor or the cables : displayport etc. It turns out that the boys at micro center sold me a defective mobo. I have nothing against asus. I guess that is why you buy at a brick and mortar store because warranties and returns are so much easier. Since i bought it from them they swapt everything out and refund me the diagnostic fee. What a mission this MC i go to is about 1 hr away each way. Go figure. I spent about 6-8 in traffic specking parts, buying, returning and picking up.

All in all I am happy with the screen. I bought straight from dell and they waived the shipping. I already had a pair of genelec 6010a monitors. If you know about genelec, then you know that each of those will set you back 400 bucks. The case was a steal at 60. I highly recommend it. I have seen the obsidian c70 and think its overRated. I went with 140x2 to get the max airflow through my hard drives and to my gpu. I did the mistake of going with faster ram. You are better offer getting 2100 speed. The mother board doesn't recognize the stock speed and i have to overclock them. Sometimes the OC'ing fails and it restarts. hegh, next time i'll listen.
Future upgrades will be maybe an sli or a better chip in a few years.

I use this for 3dxMax, autocad, several Rhino's at time, adobe suit, premier, scripting/coding and some googlePac-man

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  • 57 months ago
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"Hey mom, where did you put the magnify glass!!??"

Boy those pictures are small. Please upload the normal res picture, you don't need to downsize it on this site. It will take the full picture.

  • 57 months ago
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thx for the heads up. for some reason it was shrinking the png's I had to convert them to jpg. i need to look into that. I am still getting used to dealing with images in pc

  • 56 months ago
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"After that i watched a **** load of linus tech tips " ¬¬

Nice Build tho im going for the same MOBO AND CPU next month

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