This is an upgrade to my first pc that i had originally built with my cousin in 2014 and had used ever since. The pc was sort of dying, It was getting really hot and the fans had to work overtime which was loud and annoying.

"Let's upgrade this thing" I said. And I did.

Parts I have kept the same from my first build in 2014:


-GPU(hopefully get a 1060 maybe when prices go down)

-Hard drive

Everything else is new. *notice I know this build probably isn't that great, but it was fun to upgrade and overall it now runs smoother and cooler.

Part Reviews


Epic DDR4, I currently only have 1 in my PC, might pick up another so I have 16gb instead of 8. "Go beyond limits"


Cool case, comes with a blue LED fan. The power button has a blue LED ring around it. But my issue is the front audio jack doesn't work. But the front microphone jack works though. ¯_(?)_/¯

Power Supply

As it says on the box, "HIGH EFFICIENCY, LOW NOISE"


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Looks solid!

Only recommendations are: Get a second 8gig stick of memory, things tend to run better if you're using dual channel. Secondly (and I know you probably hear this more than you'd like), an SSD for your operating system. It'll have your windows up and running in 20 seconds or less.


when prices go down

This here is a very good price for a 1060, honestly probably the lowest you'll get for a new 6GB model

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Thanks man! Which SSd would you recommend? I would probably only need like 200gb.

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I'm not too familiar with SSD performance personally

but this 240GB PNY SSD seems alright and relatively inexpensive

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If you want less cable clutter to work with when adding in an SSD then avoid the 2.5" SSDs and purchase an M.2 SSD. I highly recommend those more these days since most of the Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake motherboards will have an M.2 Socket available as another option to install a SSD.

  • Using the PCIe_x1 is another option for NVMe SSDs if don't have an M.2 socket or want to prevent a disabled SATA3 connector, but then have to purchase an SSD PCIE M.2 Adapter or make you have it along.

If you choose an M.2 SSD then keep in mind that from your motherboard, SATA3_3 connector will be disabled due to sharing bandwidth from this specific connector with the M2_1 socket hence why this will be disabled if it senses an M.2 SSD.

Here are some decent Budget M.2 SSDs. I normally lean to ADATA with the tighter budget SSDs but there are other options too.

I had personal experiences with two types SSDs below which been great at boots Windows 10 and loads it up about 5~7 seconds. Versions 250GB between 1TB have been the same base my experiences. Very snappy loads up with applications.

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Or you could get a nice Samsung 970 Pro XD.

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haha... no

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Update 9/12/18 - Cable managed everything @_@ whew