Built this back in my sophomore year in high school and I actually just haven't figured out how to post a build as completed until now. :p

Works well, except I had to tone down the overclock (that the Mobo does by default) on the CPU because it caused lots of booting and stability issues with power. The PSU for sure bottlenecks the system when it is under heavy load and I would've bought a higher efficiency rated one if I could again.

The 40GB SSD was merely to keep miscellaneous files off the 1TB HDD and free up some space for games/programs.

The GPU works well and the fans are very quiet. No complaints except the software Asus makes you use to configure it is a pain in the *** to get out of your face.

I absolutely love this case. It's a dream to build in and has good airflow and cable management for the price. I have no complaints, except that the factory case fans on the Corsair 450D were awful. Noisy, sucked up a lot of power, and just had lots of issues in general. The biggest issue might've been due to my PSU, but it took me a very long time to get it fixed: when the system booted up with the factory corsair fans (with 1 in exhaust and 2 on the front intake) the 2 in the front would not spin up and would make an unpleasant whining/long beeping noise until I gave them a spin myself and then they worked. I picked up some Corsair Air Series HP fans and they worked like a charm.

Ultimately, the build works good for gaming if you're not doing anything intense. Video rendering is sluggish but if you're not planning on doing anything too intense it will get the job done. I'd say this build is entry level and will last you a good 4-6 years (like it did me) before you can notice it falling behind and you start planning a new build (like I am).

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

This thing sits my CPU at a cool idle temp of 9 degrees celsius (lowest I've seen it at is 5). Amazing cooler and I would recommend it for anyone looking for a cheap cooler to keep your CPU cool with a moderate overclock. No complaints.


It auto-overclocks your CPU, it's a pain in the *** and causes boot issues. Once you fix it, your should be ok.


Works great, gets the job done and doesn't cause issues.


Kinda slow in comparison to other HHD's you could get, but a good HHD for the price.

Video Card

I'd say it's for entry level gaming, no video rendering. Will run most AAA titles at medium settings with FXAA off.


Such an awesome case to build in. Great airflow. Horrible stock case fans.

Power Supply

Gets the job done but chokes when your PC is under load.


  • 34 months ago
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are u selling your old thermaltake case?

  • 33 months ago
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na, i threw it out a while ago

  • 33 months ago
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looks good. Is it still going strong?

  • 33 months ago
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not terribly, i wouldnt recommend copying the build