I decided my i3-6100 couldn't cut it anymore in October, so, retaining the motherboard, one stick of the RAM, and the SSD i decided to try to make a built with my extremely limited budget and Ebay deal skills. The CPU went from a terrible 6100 to a used 6700 i found on Ebay for 220 dollars plus shipping. This doubled my core/thread count. I also added a cheap Rosewill cooler to stay in my color scheme and give me a tiny boost over stock cooler performance. The RAM was upgraded from 8 to 16 GB DDR4-2400 using one more stick of Crucial Ballistix (same brand and color) which gave me dual channel support. The GPU changed from an RX 570 4GB to a Zotac 1070 Mini which bought from a guy who found it in his pile of trash parts (hence the PC's name). It has one slightly wobbly fan but temps under 85 under Prime95 so for 150$ it's a steal. I upgraded from an EXTREMELY sketchy Raidmax PSU to an EVGA 450BR power supply which should be fine since I don't plan on overclocking any of my parts. The old Raidmax case was burned and I splurged on a $50 Cougar MX330G which looks amazing and fits my needs nicely. The whole build follows a red/black color scheme and I was amazed I was able to keep the colors matching while following my shoestring budget. Total cost on my end: Sold old CPU for $80 Sold GPU for $90 New CPU 220$ New GPU 150$ New RAM 25$ New case $50 New PSU $35 (on sale) $310 for everything. I managed to overhaul my build from a 6100/570/8GB RAM to a 6700/1070/16GB RAM and add a PSU, case, and cooler for 310 dollars. I think I did it pretty nicely as well.

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