This is the first build I've ever did and I'll try to take you step by step of my thinking process for those of you interested.

Case: Loved the NZXT phantom 530 from the moment I saw it, not too flashy but still had some cool looking features I think.

PSU: Couldn't go cheap or get some regular psu, after all this is whats going to be powering my build and I don't want it to crap out on me. So I chose the Corsair 760W ATX12V 80+ platinum. Well worth the money. I would recommend this one, it is fully modular and labeled which end goes where (perfect for me because im a beginner).

Motherboard and CPU: Well I went to the microcenter not far from my house and got information from a worker about the asus z87 pro (I was looking at the Sabertooth but I trusted him because he didn't upsale me instead save me money). But he was telling me how much the Sabertooth was basically all cosmetic which is why it was priced more and the heat shield (armor whatever) and it didn't even have the built in wifi thing (thing lol I forgot the name) but the z87 pro did. I was sold on that alone. But he went on to tell me that the asus motherboards were built to last and are good top of the line. Which is what I come to find out after hours and days of research but not too friendly on building. And the CPU I choose was the intel i7-4770k because there was a deal at microcenter for like $250 for that cpu and asus mobo for like $130 and couldn't pass on it.

CPU cooler: This logisys cooler I purchased from amazon, I don't think fit my mobo because I was putting too much stress on my board trying to install it. I was starting to get scared I was gonna break it so I just installed the stock cpu cooler. waste of money is what I hear my mom telling me if she knew lol. but its the truth

Memory: this whole build I was thinking "I don't want this to just be some ordinary plain build with the standard stuff everybody has today (but I don't want to pay more than what I could afford) so I wanted to over do it and go Gskill Ares Series 16gb on that with DDR3-1866 (I'll be honest, I still don't really know what this means). Hey, its working for me!

Storage: I wanted a lot of space because I didn't know what I was going to be putting on here when I was building so I had to go for at least 1tb which I choose WD and a 120gb ssd Samsung 840 EVO. Ok here I still need help because I have this (my ssd) hooked up and plugged in, ran the software but I still cant figure out how to get it to come up in "my computer". Can some please help me with this? I see it in my bios.

Video Card: While building I was thinking I might as well get into gaming, I got a free game with the purchase of this video card EVGA GeForce GTX 780 3gb. It went from the 760 to the 770 to the 780. My budget kept going up I guess. But I couldn't be more happy with this thing. It runs my 2560x1440 monitor like a champ. I haven't started playing any games yet but this card will be enough for what I want play.

Optical Drive: Funny how many people do away with these now a days but I still very much need it but I wanted the whole 9 so I choose one that could burn/watch blu ray, dvd, and cds so I choose the Pioneer BDR-209DBK. works fine and does what I need it to do.

Operating system: Of course windows 8.1, I love it unlike a lot of other people out there. Im actually use to the user interface because I've been using my surface for some time and know how to properly navigate through it. Great to look at and I also love how Skydrive/onedrive and onenote work and how compatible it is to my phone (Nokia Lumia 1020).

Monitor: Ok my big Asus 27in 2560x1440 piece of nice screen. I love this thing, its big, solid, well built, no dead pixels. It has the speakers built in even though I have my build plugged into the stereo system. Its just lovely to look at. I don't think I'll ever buy a monitor that has a resolution of something less than a 2560x1440 from now on out.

Extra: the NZXT aperture (5.25 bay two usb 3.0 ports and memory card reader) didn't go into the build because there wasn't another spot to plug in the connection for my usb3.0 on the mobo I have. It only has one which is what I use for the two usb 3.0 ports on top of my case. another waste of money. I could might have well just threw that 36 bucks right out the window :-/

the build: I had a good and bad time with this. Everything went well, I just got a little frustrated plugging in the sata cables and power supply cables. I was afraid I was going to pull one of the cables too hard and break one of the pins off the mobo. But being the beginner that I am, I had a hard time figuring out which end of the cable went where how it all plugged in. It was all trial and error basically. But after reading enough reddit posts and watching enough youtube videos and studying pcpartpicker, I was able to get everything plugged in and working like a charm. It literally took all night and then some but it was well worth it. I couldn't be more happy with the build.

If anybody has any questions about it feel free to ask, I open to comments and constructive criticism. There is always room to learn. And one piece of advice to first time builders, put the case fans you want in first. I couldn't put the fans I wanted in first because my mobo got in the way so I got stuck with the ugly plain black ones instead of my led blue ones. I was not about to take my mobo out then put the fans in and install the mobo again.

If anybody can help me out with my SSD problem please do as I would really appreciate it and a $79.99 piece of hardware won't go to waste.

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  • 70 months ago
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If you installed the operating system on the SSD, then that drive will be the C: drive. If you're talking about the Hard drive, you need to launch Disk management in windows and format it to NTFS by right-clicking the drive. Also, excellent build!

  • 61 months ago
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why does this case needs case fans? isn't it has good airflow?