A little background on this PC. I bought this off my roommate back in 2010 for $80. Used this thing mostly to play SCII. Could barely run on medium graphics. I eventually upgraded in 2013, and this thing sat in the dust... Decided I wanted to make use of this thing, so i decided to clean out all the dust (was caked on), and dremeled out some holes for cable management. The CPU was something I picked up recently. In my other build, my HX650 crapped out on me, and I bought this to hold me over while my RMA came back. Decided to swap out the PSU that was originally in this build.

The cable management on this is terrible. Even with me using a dremel to make some holes, the back is not wide enough to put most the tables. I ended up giving up for a few reasons.

I want to make this PC able to play BF4 on medium-high settings, so my wife can play. I need to replace the motherboard, (which I did not put in the parts list since ABIT no longer makes motherboards) because the ram slots are ddr2.... go figure.

So hopefully you guys can help me selecting some components for getting BF4 to run at medium-high settings with 40 fps or more, on a monitor that isn't 1080P.

The components I want to replace are

Mobo: CPU: GPU: Ram:

I was hoping you guys could help!

Thanks for looking!


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one comment... Flip your PSU over so it draws air from the inside of the case and out the back, the way you have it the intake of the PSU is blocked... from another Antec 900 owner.

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Oh snap you are right. I didn't even realize. The other case that I recently built in has a filter on the bottom, which is why I installed it this way. Thanks!

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What's your chipset? I have that processor myself (nothing impressive), and my Lenovo prebuilt takes DDR3-1066 RAM for its Q45 motherboard.

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Yea i was wondering if the APUs were strong enough to run games like bf4... this is awesome if they are!