Hey everybody. This is the first time I've ever built a pc so I was in way over my head from the start. The lovely lady you'll see in some of these pictures is my wife who played a very huge part in the building of this pc. It was a very long but fun experience for the both of us. Well first off, everything went pretty smooth except for the fan plugins. I got too many fans and not enough ports on my MOBO. I'm gonna pick up a 6 fan controller and go that route with it. Everything else went together smoothly though. Sorry if my cable management is a mess but I still have some things I would like to do in the future. At the moment I'm using the stock AF140 MM corsair fans that came with the case plus the two fans that came with the radiator. I'm planning on completely redoing all my fans with the SP series corsair fans with red bands to make everything uniform as well as set up a push/pull flow on the radiator. I'm also going to upgrade to a blu-ray burner in the future but I'm not too terribly worried about it. I'm also going to pick up the red corsair vengeance ram sticks down the road and recycle these that I'm currently using for my wife's future build. I'm planning on sleeving the cables with the red corsair sleeving kit as well. Everything seems to be running good so far I will continue to post more pictures in the future as I make the many tweaks I have planned. I just got impatient and wanted to hurry up and get this thing running before my vacation from work haha. I can't wait to really push this pc and eventually SLI another graphics card to get some crazy performance. I will update with temps soon and plan on overclocking pretty much everything I can over the next 6 months. This PC will be used for heavy gaming, recording, and Live Streaming. Just so you know what the purpose of this shenanigan was. Well thank you for taking the time to look at my build and read through all this stuff and let me know what you think of the build and where I can improve because like I said, this is my first build ever so I know I have tons of things that I can't wait to learn and put to use in further builds! By the way.....this pc building jazz is extremely addictive!

EDIT I've added some components to the build over the last month. I've added 7 corsair SP120 performance edition fans, a red LED strip for lighting, purchased a corsair vengeance K70 keyboard, Steelseries mousepad, and also an AF140 quiet edition on the back of the case as well as 2 adapter cables to power all of the fans. I decided to go with the adapter cables because I honestly just didn't feel buying a fan controller at the moment. I may get a fan controller in the future but not right now. The cables are doing what I need them to so I'm satisfied with the for the moment. Will post pictures soon. I haven't oc'd yet but I do plan to once I learn more about the process and things to watch out for so all the benchmark scores are with a single GPU with a standard clock rate out of the box so nothing has been changed whatsoever because I don't want to damage any of the components. I have not stress-tested my CPU yet hence there is only the Idle temperature but I will test it once I begin oc'ing. Thanks for checking out the build and any advice whatsover on any aspect of my build is much appreciated since this the first time I've ever done this. Oh one more thing. I flipped my rad fans the right way hahaha. Sorry for that.


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Flip rad fans to exhaust, mate