This build is an upgrade from my previous completed build Barricade.


Impala started off as a thought of using the same idea and color scheme as Barricade but more personal to me. The Impala build is based off of my first car: The 2001 Chevy Impala. When i first built Barricade I was trying to make it a budget build but then realized that I could do so much more. So the Impala upgrade has been in my mind for quite a while.

Changes and Improvements

The Case

The major part to this upgrade is the NZXT H440. The smooth design and black lines across the case remind me of my Impala. I could not stand the loud noise of the vibrations of the SPEC 01. I was looking for the best silent case. Air flow isn't the best, but I made it the best that it could be. I didn't want the hard drive cages blocking airflow so I optimized them in a way were there is a good path towards the GPU and CPU.

Water Cooler

Installing my first AIO water cooler was quite a hassle. Instructions for the H110i GT were unclear in terms of screwing everything in. I was forced to do a pull exhaust method because the mounting holes on the radiator did not match with the case's. For the best performance and silence I got 2 140mm Noctua PWM fans. A couple of days after finishing my build I noticed that one of the fans was not receiving enough voltage to spin. I soon figured out that it was the fan splitter of the water cooler. So i bypassed it by using a splitter for a splitter. Everything is alright. However next time I might do a full water cooling solution.


I was researching countless hours for the perfect LED Strip for my build. I liked my corsair LED fans for a while but they got old and no fun to look at. (Also they look like nazi symbols on the fan) SO the NZXT HUE plus lets me customize the lighting for my build and I obviously keep it at red and blue. The reason why I use red and blue is because I am convinced that my car used to be a police impala(but probably not). I LOVE this thing! But instead of talking about this thing and what it can do just look at my images and you'll get it.

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  • 24 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build! I'm doing something similar but have noticed that it looks like your H110i is at the front of your case, and yet you have two HDD. Where did you put them as I haven't been able to fit the H110i in the top (screw mounts don't line up and it looks like it doesn't sit properly) or in the front (it requires all the HDD trays and I cant install my 2 HDDs). Did you have this issue while building?

  • 24 months ago
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Hey James! I actually mounted the radiator to the top of the case. The pipes look like its going to the front but they move up. You can barely see the pipes move up at pic # 11/19. It seems like the screw mounts to the radiator don't fit with the h440 but I assure you they do. It took me and my partner a while to figure it out and make sure they screw down all the way but they hold up nicely. It doesn't feel right at first but if you just have someone holding the radiator while you screw them down.

I am planning to post an updated build log because I have changed up my set up. I moved houses and got a nicer looking build.