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Zaphod - First Build

by WombatRider



Date Published

June 22, 2014

Date Built

April 17, 2014

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

26.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate




I apologize if the pictures are bad quality. I used the only camera I could find.

Before I begin, I know the cable management isn't spectacular. In fact it's pretty terrible. I plan on working on it sometime in the near future. The 2 pin molex large fan connector is the bulk of the ugliness. Once I get some new case fans the computer will look much cleaner. So, let's just not pay attention to that at the moment. That's all :) EDIT: Cable management has been done since this was posted. I must say, it was extremely worth the time and effort. It looks clean and nice in there now. I've added a picture of the adjustments! I hid the horrible 4-Pin molex connector to the fan so the case would look a little better. I'm looking to get some nice Corsair case fans so I don't have to look at that ugly 4-Pin Molex anymore.

As a 16 year old without a job, I could really only afford to build a "bang for your buck" build. I will mainly be using it for gaming and surfing the web. I purchased all of my parts from Newegg.com.

CPU: Arguably the best budget processor you can get right now. I may overclock it once I get an aftermarket cooler, but I think I'm content with 3.5GHz.

Motherboard: A nice ATX motherboard that I got with the CPU on a $20 combo deal. I like the color scheme and it can hold 64GB of RAM if I ever feel the need to go completely overkill. The BIOS look really outdated, but I'm not concerned about that.

Memory: Matched the red on the Motherboard. I would have gone with 8 gigs of RAM, but as I'm sure you all know, the prices have sky rocketed. I will be getting another set of this RAM eventually, but 4GB will suffice for now.

Storage: 1TB HDD. That's pretty much all I'll need for now. There's not much to say about this other than it's been reliable so far and I've experienced zero problems.

GPU: Great budget card. I chose the best 750 Ti out of the bunch, I suppose I didn't need to, but I got kind of greedy. The ACX cooler is great and this card comes pre-overclocked at 1.19GHz. I can run Skyrim on ultra with 60+ FPS and Battlefield 3 can run ultra, but the FPS fluctuates too much for my liking. I recommend staying on the high settings, as I get at least 70 FPS at all times. I really, really recommend this card to someone with a budget.

Case: Sleek, awesome looking budget case with a side panel window, and good airflow. The cable management is okay. Nothing too spectacular. The stock fan gives out minimal air, but I'm hoping to get some new ones soon anyway. Definitely recommend this case if you're building a budget PC.

PSU: I was planning on getting a 430 watt power supply, but like the graphics card, I got kind of greedy. This is a semi-modular 500 watt PSU with 80+ Bronze efficiency. I haven't had any troubles with it so far.

Monitor: Got this for free as a gift. No complaints. Does everything I need it to.

Gaming Keyboard: Got it for free from a friend who didn't use it. Works well, and has been pretty useful so far.

I got $20 off on the CPU and motherboard on a Newegg combo. The real price of this build is $558.92

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drusso5 2 Builds 4 points 40 months ago

A Hyper 212+ would be a nice thing to add for the CPU since they are very cheap and cool really well.

Nice Build and thats one sexy 750ti

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

That's the cooler I plan on purchasing in the future. Thanks for the comment and the suggestion!

pregunta 1 point 40 months ago


MistaMeowmas 3 points 40 months ago

It's a nice budget build! Wish I had the gonads to play around with ATI and AMD parts! Sometime in the future when I've got spare cash floating around and a good gaming PC with Intel and NVidia, I might make a second to experiment with some ATI and AMD, could be fun to play with. Otherwise, your build is pretty good for $600. Hopefully you take advantage of the 6 cores and do some multi-tasking from time to time, but that's totally optional. And like some of the other guys say, I'd save up for a new monitor that you can run 1080p on! To back up Drusso5, I've got a Hyper 212 EVO, which is the next step up from the Plus. It only ran me 25 bucks off newegg when I bought it, and it's a bit better than the Plus. Instead of having just the 4 contact pipes, they're flattened out to be sure that there is full contact to the CPU at all times. Take a look at a few of the pics and you'll get what I mean. And as for accessories, I suggest taking a look at some of the cheaper mechanical keyboards, or something not too flashy, theres a lot of keyboards out there which are labelled as 'gaming' keyboards, and really they aren't necessary. All they've got are fancy LED's and the like. I bought my Corsair K70 when it was on sale for $75 I think it was, and I love it to death, it's got a nice wrist rest, the LED's are nice, the textured and contoured WASD and Space bar keys are great. But it's a bit pricey. If you've got the money and don't want anything else, go for it!

Anyways! Great build!

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll most likely being getting the Hyper 212 EVO instead of the Plus due to your comment. I also plan on getting a mechanical keyboard sometime in the future, but like you said, nothing too expensive/extravagant for now. When I decide to build my next computer I'll probably get really nice one! Thanks for the comment and the compliment!

Le_Matt 1 Build 2 points 40 months ago

Nice build, I would get a new monitor asap to take advantage of 1080p gaming (even though it was free). Other than that +1.

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

Thanks! I plan to get a new monitor as well as some other accessories as soon as I can afford that stuff!

zlogs 1 Build 2 points 40 months ago

To be honest, I would wait on the monitor. Instead, use the money to use EVGA's step up program and step up to a 760 or 770. You will enjoy the frame rate in hardcore games (crysis). I enjoy higher frame rate in my games, so I used a 1440x900 monitor when i played the witcher and crysis 3. The 770 gets sustainable frame rates when playing those games, but if you dont like to play games like that then by all means go with a 1080p monitor.

nehemiahawesome1 1 Build 2 points 40 months ago

wow that is awesome. cable managment is not that bad. like it cant be perfect or even ever close to perfect. good job.

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago


rherre1989 1 Build 2 points 40 months ago

Nice job good budget build. You have an eye for parts. Hope to see more from you!

thunderdan602 1 Build 2 points 40 months ago

Great budget build. Other than the obvious cable management issue, my only issue is that video card. For the price you paid you could have gotten an AMD R7 265, which is step up from that 750 Ti.

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

I totally agree with you on the GPU. I actually should have gotten an r9 270, because the Direct CU II model is actually $8 cheaper than the 750 Ti I got. But when I built this, AMD cards' prices were sill jacked up.

DodecPCs 2 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

Tell me how that mobo works for you.

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

So far it's been working perfectly. The BIOS look pretty outdated, but that's not really a problem. If you do plan on getting it, get an AMD card and not a Nvidia card. The board supports crossfire, but not SLI.

PixelMonkey 1 point 40 months ago

So why did you go for the 750ti and not say a 265?

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

I didn't really know about the 265 when I started building this. If I could redo this build, I would actually add in an R9 270, because they're around $140 right now, but during the time that I was building this the prices were high as a kite. Anyway, the 750 Ti is still an amazing budget card. I'm actually really impressed by how good it is considering there was better budget card options.

chodamoyer 1 point 37 months ago

hey man,

nice build. have you changed/upgraded anything recently?

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 36 months ago

Thanks, I haven't changed anything yet. I plan to sell my 750 Ti to help pay for an R9 270. It's a slight upgrade, but I think it'll be worth it. I plan to get another set of RAM before that though. Or maybe after. Either way, I'll be adding both of those things soon. I'm also looking to purchase a couple case fans and a Hyper 212 plus. But as of now, the only thing I've changed is the cable management haha.

xMotivee 1 Build 1 point 33 months ago

I'm going to use the MSI GTX 750 ti TWIN FROZR 2gb DDR5. I am going to go with that because well, MSI is a really good brand, and it has a stock OC mode. Not to mention it has 2 VERY good fans cooling it.

[comment deleted by staff]
manirelli staff 8 Builds 3 points 40 months ago

Comments like these are not tolerated on our site. Please be polite and provide constructive criticism.

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

Would you care to elaborate?

remi1133 2 points 40 months ago

Don't mind people like him who comment about how bad your rig is then don't even explain. Everyone here hates them anyway. Just downvote his comment in to oblivion because it was "bad at best".

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

I was planning on ignoring him, but I was curious as to what he thought I could have done better. Thanks for your support!

remi1133 1 point 40 months ago

Yup, nice build by the way! The only thing I would do is save up for a new monitor like LeMatt said, and if you can afford it maybe another 4GB of RAM. If you can't afford the RAM you could look around /r/hardwareswap for some used RAM, it'll be cheaper then buying it new.

WombatRider submitter 11 Builds 1 point 40 months ago

Another set of RAM is the first thing on my list of upgrades. Thanks for the suggestion. I probably will check it out sometime soon! And a better monitor would for sure be nice, but I'm sure this on will suffice for a little while.