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Heh, No Pressure

by deathfromup


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Date Published

July 2, 2014

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This build was on a $450 dollar budget. My girlfriend is working a summer internship and her boss mentioned that it was his son's birthday and that he needed a gift for him. When he also said that he has been asking for a computer lately my girlfriend swiftly volunteered my services haha. So since this is for my girlfriends boss, i really wanted to make sure it is a good build and his son would like it. The son is 15yo plays mostly League of legends and World of Warcraft, but mostly doesnt play other games bc the family computer cant handle it.

The $450 dollar budget is always tough, it started out at 400 but when he said he wanted a color theme and nice case, i said that it would cost a little extra. The color the,me he wanted was a blue and white since it is his school's colors. I had trouble making anything cheaper than this that would perform well with the games at hand. I originally wanted a i3-4130 for the CPU since WoW is a CPU sided game and i know he will be playing that, but microcenter didn't have a cpu/mobo bundle for any cheaper i3's, thus the fx-6300, which is still a fine CPU.

For the GPU i went with a r7 265 over a 750ti because the performance is much higher and i had the wattage to spare. The 750ti is a great card nice and cool and quiet, but i think that he would benefit more from the gpu speed performance than heat and noise.

I wanted to go with a phantom 240 case but i had trouble finding one in stock that i could get on short notice since his birthday is tomorrow. but this case turned out nice and fits the color theme well.

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JamzterS9 20 points 41 months ago

Does the dog overclock?

pepoxx 8 points 35 months ago

maybe.. i would sugest a mild overdog at 4.3 barks with 1.3 bones and it wuld be fast enough to chew all the shoes he/she wants

WombatRider 11 Builds 14 points 41 months ago

Wow, this is a really impressive build on a tight budget! Amazing job, and nice dog. +1

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 5 points 41 months ago

thanks : ) i dropped it off today and my girlfriends boss loved it, so i would call it a success.

lucksthebest 4 points 25 months ago

The dog or the computer?

zachar954 1 Build 10 points 41 months ago

upvoted because of dog... damn I really should put pictures of my dog in my completed builds haha

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 5 points 41 months ago

My girlfriend was in charge if taking pictures for me, so that what we get lol.

Firebomber4 3 points 41 months ago

love the dog... that's a corgi right?

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 6 points 41 months ago

Yeah it is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

mjdaly 3 points 41 months ago

I don't usually vote, but that dog is cute! lol

barrelolaughs 7 points 41 months ago

That dog is NEVER gonna fit in that case.

plgdg 1 Build 4 points 41 months ago

Tiny little legs. He can totally fit.

RyneSmith 7 Builds 6 points 41 months ago

Nice job, clean, great color scheme and a nice computer on a budget for sure.


deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 3 points 41 months ago

Thanks Ryne.

nahidul221 5 points 41 months ago

cute dog!!

Reconmidget 4 points 41 months ago

I have the same breed of dog!

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 3 points 41 months ago

Corgi's are the best!

Reconmidget 2 points 41 months ago

Few better dogs, but I love my Corgi! My old PC broke because of her hair! :-/

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

haha i have to dust my build like twice a week, so much hairrrrr.

Reconmidget 2 points 41 months ago

Didn't know how the hair was getting in! CPU fan broke when her hair got clogged in it!

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

: / i could see that happening. Well look at the bright side, its new computer time then lol.

mcbrideda 4 points 41 months ago

I've got a Corgi too - so +1.

DeltasEcho 3 points 41 months ago

How's it so cheap?!?!

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 3 points 41 months ago

cpu/mobo is from microcenter, their bundle deals are the best out there, its an attempt to get u in the front door and buy the rest of the parts from them.

psu had a 10 dollar off promo code and 25 dollar mail in rebate. This PSU goes on sale for 26 bucks fairly consistently lately, just gotta look for it.

hard drive was 10 off the standard, happens from time to time.

Standard RAM price

20 dollar rebate on the r7265, but 140 is pretty standard price.

I check slickdeals.net every day, they usually have all the good computer parts sale, so check there if you want similar prices.

Norm101 3 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

MicroCenter does indeed have the best CPU/mobo combos. Really amazing. Their RAM choices suck though. I got my CPU/mobo at MC and the rest from NewEgg.

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

yeah thats def the way to do it. Everything i got besides the CPU/mobo was newegg with shoprunner 2 day shipping or amazon prime.

derektkd456 2 points 41 months ago

Awesome build on a tight budget, I don't know if I could have pulled that one off...amazing.

CatinaComputer 2 points 41 months ago

Clean! that's the only way to describe it.

gosoh 2 points 41 months ago

Well. Its a very great build. And a very very cute dog. XD

Tahab_1 2 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

Great Build Tight Budget!

I don't have a dog but when I post my build on PCPartPicker I'll have put one of my baby sister posing next to the computer :D

Norm101 3 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

Inexpensive builds like this are really an inspiration. Hopefully more people who don't think they can build a decent computer with a small budget will see this and realize they can do it. :) +1

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 3 points 41 months ago

its true i love doing builds like this and squeezing as much performance out of your dollar as possible.

The only other thing to remember is, if the person needs a monitor keyboard mouse and OS as well that is another 200-250 bucks, that can often break the budget on these small time builds.

Rajenator 2 points 41 months ago

+1 for the Dog!

polarbehr 4 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

Upvotes from me just for the dog, I have two meat missiles at home.

nice build as well.

Kazeike 2 points 41 months ago

It's a really cool build for such a small price. I sorta wish you just wrapped up a toaster for the kid to play LoL on... I hate playing with 15 yr old raging kids. +1

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 3 points 41 months ago

haha i know what you mean, the mute button is your friend.

stevoisboss 1 Build 2 points 41 months ago

Nice dude.

Cknight 2 points 41 months ago

+1 for the dog

Demaru 2 points 40 months ago

Nice build and cute dog. I want to get a corgi someday, gotta finish school and have my own place first though. :(

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

haha thanks. I got my corgi with my girlfriend senior year. I had lots of blow off classes because i was ahead from AP courses in high school. So i watched her like a hawk and now she turned out to be pretty well behaved. I would definitely suggest waiting until you are stable. It's a tough job taking care of a puppy especially if its just one person.

Flyinlow23 3 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

+1 for the dog

Variable.variables 2 points 37 months ago

WHAT ABOUT AN OS? Is the son running his games off of the BIOS :P

Octothorpe 2 Builds 2 points 30 months ago

Corgis > PCs

ImPrettyIrish 1 point 41 months ago

This is a nice build and I can't stop laughing about the dog in that one picture. haha +1 my friend.

Silentx 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

Well done, He should love it. +1

leftyrojas430 1 Build 1 point 41 months ago

It's pertty!!!!! Are you going to overclock anything?

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

nah, no aftermarket cooler and the mobo is as low end as it gets.

Nightwing324 1 point 41 months ago

Do you think this build would run Elder Scrolls Online, or Skyrim?

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

it will run it.


These benchmarks are done with an i5 3570k so might be a little lower, but still can do it easily.

Nightwing324 2 points 41 months ago

I'm sorry can you dumb that down for me? Lol. I've never built a PC before.

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

sure no problem. You had asked if the computer can "run" Skyrim, almost any modern computer can run any modern game. The minimum requirements for most games now a days are very low and dont require much expensive hardware to run at all. With this assumption i had thought you were asking about the capability of the graphics card to run the game on higher settings.

In terms of how the game runs on high settings i had linked some benchmarks. The benchmarks i am referring to are measured in fps(frames per second). Most websites will benchmark with the same computer but only sub out the graphics card to measure performance for each card individual. The article i linked is for the AMD R7 265, which is the card in this build. The graphs in the article show that on the highest possible settings skyrim will run at around 77 frame per second on a R7 265. Most monitors will only show 60 fps because they are only 60Hz monitors and anything about 30 fps is considered "playable". So that means that this build by all means will run skyrim and run it well.

The comment about the i5-3570k is referring to the CPU. The test setup that that website uses has a computer with an i5-3570k CPU. This CPU will get better performance than the FX-6300 that i have in this completed build. That means that the performance will be a little lower than it shows on the graph from the website, not too much but i would say maybe closer to 65 fps instead of 77.

Nightwing324 2 points 41 months ago

Thanks man, also do I have to buy the operating system separately, or does it come with it?

Nightwing324 2 points 41 months ago

Also is there anything I can go cheaper on, and still get the same performance, because I'm working with the a budget of about 490, and I would still probably need an operating system.

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

you will have to buy it separate : /

Diesel619 1 point 41 months ago

Kinda new to putting these things together and what parts to get. Really like the build and the price/performance. However, still trying to save every buck i can, and say I don't particularly need/want that macho of a video card. What would you recommend if i wanted to go maybe one step down, without sacrificing too much performance.

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 41 months ago

everything i got was on sale so the price is gonna be hard to get without a lot of sales research.

A step down would be a build like this.


Can overclock the Pentium if you update the mobo bios. And lately there have been good combos of that mobo and CPU for 99 bucks.

optical drives are meh. i would personally not even recommend one if you have another computer in your house with one and a usb stick.

Diesel619 1 point 41 months ago

I appreciate the recommendations! Would the MSI GeForce in the link you gave work in the this build you have here?

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 41 months ago

fo sho.

Diesel619 1 point 41 months ago

and also recommendation on optical drive

Diesel619 1 point 40 months ago

Would you recommend any fans or anything for this build?

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

for the build i linked you wont need fans, it is a very low power system which means very little heat. Less fan will cause a little extra dust build up, but just make sure to dust it every couple months.

Diesel619 1 point 40 months ago

I'm sorry, i meant for this build here

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 40 months ago

it would be nice but not needed.

hasham20 1 point 39 months ago

so i was planing to build this PC could any could anybody help me on this http://pcpartpicker.com/user/hasham20/saved/LwH7YJ

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 39 months ago


i made quite a few changes... but they all make sense imo.

First thing was upgrading the mobo very slightly. The one you had was a much older model of the gigabyte one i have on there now. The 6300 is a pretty power hungry chip and this board will handle it better. Also the other one lacked a lot of features that this one has.

CPU cooler i took down a model. The TX3 is still a great cooler. The hyper 212 is a little overkill for this comp, with the budget and mobo i wouldn't suggest overclocking and if you do i wouldnt take it very high. If that is the case, the TX3 will keep the chip nice and cool, only performs about 3 degC under the 212 evo.

RAM i changed to dual channel for cheaper. Same size with slightly better performance all for cheaper, easy decision there.

Put in the Gigabyte r7 265. I'm a fan of the cooler design on the gigabyte one over the MSI and it is cheaper. performance should be the same if not better.

power supply changed to a more reputable brand. EVGA makes a solid tier 3 power supply for a budget build. not to mention it is cheaper and will perform better.

The biggest change was to make the monitor 1080p and a little bigger, with a nice gaming computer should come a nice monitor to play it on or all these specs don't really matter.

Also changed the mouse and keybaord to a good gaming bundle with high quality parts. Assuming this is a gaming machine and the wireless part of the keyboard was not a requirement, this keyboard will work well and look cool with your minor blue theme going on.

feel free to post in the http://pcpartpicker.com/forums/forum/2-part-list-opinions-wanted/ section of hte forums for more opinions.

JeffCast 1 point 36 months ago

I've seen your builds and I'm just completely in love with you. My brother just recently requested of me to build him a budget computer under $450. Since MicroCenter has some cheaper bundles on the Fx-6300, I decided to opt with that. These are the CPU+MOBO bundles at MicroCenter. I want to pick the 970 Extreme3 R2.0 Socket AM3+ ATX, but will take your advice over my own.

RAM: I recently purchased the Kingston HyperX 8Gb 1866MHz for $14.95 (I hope you're proud of me!) through THIS DEAL

CPU Cooler: I would like to pay $25 and under to meet his wishes of overclocking to 4.0, and I've read that the 212 EVO is THEE accessory. But what would you recommend?

Storage: Seagate Barracuda - 2TB for $59.99

PSU: I've read your comment about the XFX TS 550W and it does come on sale every so often. I missed the sale 8 days ago, selling for $24.99. I'll just wait for it again while checking for other PSU deals just in case.

GPU: Like you said, the R6265 is better than the 750 Ti which is on sale for 110 right now on newegg. I checked on Techbargains' price history on the R7 265, they also have had sales on it as early as 8 days ago. Link here: http://www.techbargains.com/product/R7_265

Pheeew. That's the product of my research right now. Let me know if I'm running over a stop sign~ Thank you for reading, bro!

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 2 points 36 months ago

Hey thanks for the compliments! I'm glad someone appreciates my deal hunting obsession lol. everything looks great so far.

For the Microcenter bundle, there should be more deals than just the ones that come up on the website. check out the online catalog: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/e19db37d#/e19db37d/34 Just ask the sales associate there if they can help you and make sure they bundle at checkout.

with that in mind, I'm personally a fan of the ASUS M5A97 R2.0 http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.aspx?sku=870741

I have it in my build and it is significantly cheaper than the ASRock boards. Also im sure ASRock would be fine, but i have heard that some of thier AM3+ boards weren't that great. That being said i think the ASUS M5A97 R2.0 will work well and get you to 4.0, i personally have been running an 8320 on this board at 4.1 for the past year or so.

RAM: That's a great deal! just make sure you read all the instructions closely for those Virus protection rebates, sometimes they try to cheap you out of the money if you mess up something small in the rebate.

Storage: great deal as well.

PSU: XFX PSU is great but a good deal on one of the EVGA 600W would be just fine as well.

GPU i think in this budget range r7 265 is the way to go. and 110 is about as low as i have seen lately, maybe once at 105.

Overall your on a great track to a good cheap build. If you have any more questions just shoot me a PM.

JeffCast 1 point 36 months ago

You're the best! I won't hesitate to contact you, thanks~

silverkill8 1 point 31 months ago

I've never built a PC before so is this all i need to build my own??

woefiegaming 1 point 37 months ago

did you want to fit the dog inside the pc case? :D

DavisTheWalrus 1 Build 1 point 33 months ago

ur dog though nice build

ShadyDood 1 point 32 months ago

I feel like the only one who cares about the build but this is exactly what I need! And I don't know if anyone will get around to answering this but My budget is a little higher and is there anything's that could improve this computer for 550$ in total?

silverkill8 1 point 31 months ago

I've never built a PC before so is this all i need to build my own??

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 31 months ago

money wise i would budget a little higher than 450, i browsed sale websites for weeks to make sure i was getting the best deals for this build. but if you mean the part, that is all you need haha.

iwilleatpie4ever 1 point 28 months ago


Can this run battlefield 4 low settings, on 720 or 1080p at 50- 60 FPS?

deathfromup submitter 6 Builds 1 point 28 months ago

720 maybe 50-60, 1080 no

iValiant 1 point 22 months ago

Is the Corgi included ?

asvpbrvdv 1 point 19 months ago

saving for later

skyrise 1 point 25 days ago

Thumbs up because of the cute dog.

StephenSmithTech101 1 Build 1 point 12 days ago

+1 for build, dog is a bonus.

[comment deleted]