Passmark Score: 5184h

Love the MSI's dragon logo and also the metallic sticker coming with the motherboard which inspired the name!

Built for 3 reasons in mind (in order of priority):

1) Use as HPC for machine learning algorithms and parallel programming, both CPU and GPU (Cuda). That's why I wanted to get X99 and 6 core cpu. And after the overclock I am very happy with the results (single core as well). Memory has a massive bandwith as well.

2) Of course gaming.

3) Installed win 10 to one of the disks and Ubuntu to the other. I wanted to run my Oracle and Java VMs under both Windows and Linux, that's also another reason I wanted more cores/threads.

Overclocked to a stable 4.4 Ghz / 2666Mhz CL14 / 1.295 Vcore at the moment. Corsair 100i GTX is doing a wonderful job and under 100 percent load for 20 minutes CPU is still keeping under 70C. If you apply more than 1.3V it is easily going over 4.5 and booting Windows but I don't want to keep it over 1.3V for long use. Optimum point for me is finding the highest stable CPU/RAM frequency with lowest possible latency while keeping in Intel electrical and thermal standards (under 1.3V and 80 degrees).

I am quite happy with the boost the overclock has given over the 3.3 standard speed benchmarks (see bellow). It went up from 40000 to 52000 in FPU Julia test which is very important for me!

Parts Specific:

-CPU: I wanted to go for 6 core and X99 for memory bandwidth (it could be 8 core but I don't think at the moment it justifies the huge price). After checking all the reviews dediced on 5820k since the performance is very similar to 5930k and after overclock you are getting similar single core performance to 6700k. Also I would like to try new Broadwell-E chips when they come out and they will be based on X99. It will be possible to apply more voltage then.

-Cooler: That was an easy choice. Any review recommends it and I didn't want to go for 280mm for compatibility so 100i was perfect. GTX also has amazing monitoring features and LED customization etc. Doing a great job and I can monitor all fan, pump speed, temps etc under Windows.

-Motherboard: I checked a lot of motherboards but MSI Gaming 7 really convinced me in all: looks, expansion options, oc performance, on board hardware etc. Gives you 3 way SLI option with 5820k (3x8) and you can still use the ultra M.2 port to install a 4x PCI3 m2 drive which was exactly what I wanted. In Asus if you don't go for the Deluxe which is 200$ more you don't have that option (because they didn't put those switches!!). I really want to get one of those Nvme drives and try them once their price is settled down and I want it 4x ultra speed (I really like Gigabyte as well but that was the biggest reason I didn't go for Gigabyte since they didn't have ultra m2 port). Onboard audio is quite good, there are 8 DIMM slots and the look of the board is just beautiful. There is dual BIOS and while overclocking it is very useful, if overclock fails it just automatically boots with last good configuration. BIOS menu is very useful friendly and there are crazy oc options.

-Memory: I was thinking of going for LPX vengeance or HyperX Fury (I really like Kingston), but I found that online deal at MSY which was giving away Predator 2800 CL14 DDR14 4x4 for $165!! The feeling of the RAM is beautiful, but it is very tall, it was no problem with my Corsair cooler, but could be a problem with big air coolers.

-Storage: Again there was a very good deal at MSY and bought extreme pro and ssd plus from them. I didn't want to go for another hDD since I have WD my cloiud 4TB connected to my network already. Boot is so fast with the Extreme Pro, I am thinking of partitioning it to two pieced and install Windows and linux on that disk.

-GPU: I was chasing for a GTX 980 , I think it is the best price/performance Geforce at the moment. Found the deal at PAX at msy and walked out with Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980 for $649. It has crazy cooling and factory overclocked to 1324Mhz. Dind't try to oc the GPU yet but I will.

-Case: I was between Define R5 and Mastercase Pro. But after seeing both I decided in Fractal design, it is beautiful, minimalist and useful. Air vents and fans are brilliant, has built in fan controller and works well. Didn't want the Define S because I want my optical drive plus I removed all the HDD trays and have the same space and airflow at the moment.

-PSU: It was on speacial at Scorptec and got it for $190!. I was going for a 750V one but that was almost the same price. And also thinking of adding another GPU and it has the juice to power them both. JonnyGuru review for the PSU was 9.6/10 (it is fully modular and gold, but in the review it says it actually does platinum).

*My benchmark results:

*Memory REad

*3.3 ghz 2133Mhz 45111Mb/s

*4.2 hgz 2666Mhz 48279Mb/s

*4.4 ghz 2666 CL14 50661 MB/s

*(4930k @3.4Ghz ddr3 1866 CL9 52396MB/s)

*Memory Write

*3.3 ghz 21333 46634MB/s

*4.2 ghz 2666 46958Mb/s

*4.4ghz 2666 46985MB/s

*(6700k @4ghz ddr4 2133 cl14 32786MB/s)

*Memory Copy

*3.3 ghz 2133 47997 MB/s

*4.2 ghz 2666 54209 MB/s

*4.4 ghz 2666 55886 MB/s

*Memory Latency

*3.3 ghz 2133 CL15 71.4ns

*4.2 ghz 2666 CL14 60.7ns

*4.4 ghz 2666 cl14 59.3ns

*(4770 @3.4Ghz 1600 ddr3 cl9 58.3ns)

*CPU Queen

*3.3 ghz 2133 59764

*4.2 ghz 2666 73852

*(6700K@4Ghz 48861, 16x Xeon E5-2670@2.6Ghz 100531)

*4.4ghz 2666 77464

*CPU PhotoWorxx

*3.3 ghz 2133 26837 MPixel/s

*4.2 ghz 2666 29192 MPixel/s

*4.4 ghz 2666 29197 Mpixel/s

*Cpu Zlib

*3.3 ghz 2133 441.6 MB/s

*4.2 ghz 2666 541.6 MB/s

*4.4 ghz 2666 568.4 MB/s

*Cpu AES

*3.3 ghz 2133 23149 MB/s

*4.2 Ghz 2666 28591 MB/s

*4.4 ghz 2666 29949 MB/s

*Cpu Hash

*3.3 ghz 2133 5215 MB/s

*4.2 Ghz 2666 6436 MB/s

*4.4 Ghz 2666 6748 MB/s


*3.3 Ghz 2133 6625

*(6700K @ 4 Ghz 7444)

*4.2 Ghz 2666 7717

*4.4 Ghz 2666 8005 (Tops the benchmark list)

*FPU Julia

*3.3 Ghz 2133 40379

*4.2 Ghz 2666 49848

*4.4 ghz 2666 52237

*FPU Mandel

*3.3 Ghz 2133 21642

*4.2 Ghz 2666 26721

*4.4 ghz 2666 27996

*FPU SinJulia

*3.3 Ghz 2133 6497

*4.2 Ghz 2666 8005

*4.4 ghz 2666 8411



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  • 48 months ago
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very nice build!! +1

great choice going with the R5!

  • 48 months ago
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Thanks, yes love the case!

  • 48 months ago
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It looks pretty nice.

  • 48 months ago
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Thank you, really like the look of the case, and somehow like the combination of colors :) I am able to customize the led on corsair and matched it with windforce, also switched to bios 2 which has a green light which matches with the rest of the lights on board

  • 48 months ago
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Great build and awesome choices on all of the parts! +1

  • 48 months ago
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Thanks, it took couple of months to collect the parts with good deals :)

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Also, I love how you used the Nvidia card on a MSI mobo. Hahaha

  • 48 months ago
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ain't nothing wrong with that??

  • 48 months ago
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I'm not criticizing?

  • 48 months ago
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I know you aren't, i was just curious as to why you said that. Doesn't really make any sense to me unless i'm missing something

  • 48 months ago
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Nice choice of parts my friend! I just rebuilt my machine using the R5 and it's a great case.

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Does a red dragon build... Gets a blue Gigabyte gpu.. xD hehe

Nice looking build! And great part selections although I would have went with a msi gtx 980 gaming so you can complete the theme instead of the blue Gigabyte card ;) but hey still looks great!


  • 48 months ago
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haha well, doing a red dragon build was not my goal actually, happened to be that way and named after birth :) I really like the gigabyte card and had a very good deal on it, same thing applies for MSI mobo. And actually event he MSI board is not consistent with itself, has all black and red ,then blue-green lights for bios and all green button for reset-power...

  • 48 months ago
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haha don't you love that? a MB designed for a theme but the designer forgot all the little LEDs? my asus Z97 is like that. it's a silver and black board but has red and green leds? wth? LOL

I really like the gigabyte G1 windforces, they are huge and awesome and have those nice leds. however I pretty much always end up with EVGA due to their reputation haha

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Push? Pull? Or push-pull for your cpu cooler?

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