I kind of needed a new pc to game on, plus, i needed more storage. I was using the surface pro 3 as my "main pc" but i felt i needed to upgrade. Havent got enough money for a gpu but will be looking to get one soon. I dont play the most demanding games so its not totally necessary right now. (Sorry for low res pictures)

Part Reviews


Works well and stays cool

CPU Cooler

Keeps the cpu cool, very loud at full speed though.


Most underrated mobo. Works well and has the sexiest lights on it.


Fast, boots system in 8 sec.


Kinda hard to work in due to the size of the inside. Other than that, it looks great and keeps my system cool. Also, i love the side panel.

Optical Drive

It is very loud at max rpm... other than that it works great

Operating System

decent os... Downloading was fast and simple.

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