This computer is an all out computer it performs perfectly fine with no issues at all. The cpu cooler works beautifully no issues with temperature. The case temperature is well maintained. Kinda decided to build something I’m going to use when I go to play games on high/ultra graphics with no issues no lag and no frame rate drop.

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  • 12 days ago
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This is my config: Rog X570 F, Rog 2060 OC, G skill Trident Z 32 GB 4x8 3600Mhz C18, NZXT c850w, Rog ryujin 240mm.

I am undecided between a ryzen 7 3700x / 3800x the price difference is 20 €.

I mainly use it to play 1080p at 60hz but i'd like to upgrade with an 1440p 144hz and streaming at 1080p 60fps.