The biggest, most powerful PC I've ever built. (First SLI build, 3rd ever)

*[Prices in the part list now include all the Canadian taxes and shipping costs I had to pay on the day of purchase. The warranties I bought on the SSD, GPUs, and the Monitor are not included.]

As you can see in the last few pics, I didn't bother with a brace to hold up the 2 GPUs, so I stood the case on it's front end instead. ;) Didn't like the look or anchor stability of any of the braces currently on the market.

One issue I came across with this build, is that the case's USB 2.0 header (not the 3.1 header), didn't fit into the corresponding slot in this motherboard, as the mobo had a plastic slot around it that was just half a millimetre smaller than the case's own USB 2.0 header plug. :(

Still looking to see if I should find an adapter somehow, file down the outer edges of the plug (as it looks thick enough to handle it), or to leave it unplugged forever.

Initial calculations on the UPS being able to handle the combined wattage from the Power Supply with 2 GPUs on it, said it might be not enough under full load, but so far it's been able to handle it all quite well. Perhaps it might fail if I'm on running a full load during a power failure, but I've yet to test that out.

The fan hub (for RGB syncing and speed controlling) works very easily, and quieted the fans down even further in it's quiet mode, so the whole PC is probably running under 10db. I don't have a meter yet to get accurate numbers though.

Anyone know a good android app for Decibel measuring?

As for the SLI video cards, I just ran a benchmark using the Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War Demo (Free on steam), and it averaged at 110 fps using the Ultra game settings, with only out of the box settings on all the hardware. <3.<3

Edit [Jan-16-2020]: I just added a couple images with my old monitors attached now, and the last pic is of my CPU temps from when I'm running FFXIV at full specs, but default clock speeds.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Even quieter than I expected. Couldn't even tell it was on without looking at the fan spinning.


Love the case, sturdiness and ease of use so far, but I found that the power cable holes that are supposed to be just to the right centre of the 24-pin connector on a motherboard, are partially covered (and barely accessible enough to use) by my EATX mobo (the MSI MEG X390 Godlike), so I can only narrowly squeeze a single cable through each of the rubber protected power cable holes.

Side note: I love that this is built in a way that it's strong enough for me to stand it on it's front end, without cracking the glass, and still funnelling the airflow out the side vents behind the glass.

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