No problems with it so far, a PC I put together for light gaming and photoshop work. Also my first build. All started first time and was rugged enough to survive a 200 miles or so drive.

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  • 81 months ago
  • 2 points

If you use Photoshop heavily, I might of gone with 16 GB or RAM. Also, you might want to tuck some of those wire into the back panel a little bit more. Looks like a solid budget build to me, though.

  • 70 months ago
  • 2 points

I know this comment is a little late but I think I see a DVI to VGA adapter. I would like to suggest a new monitor if it does not support DVI or HDMI.

Other than that I like the build and hope you make the best use of your case and tidy up your cables. I would agree that 16GB would serve you well in Photoshop as might a SSD. Think about these as you consider upgrades.