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Lady's First

by tea


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Date Published

April 30, 2017

Date Built

April 30, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.29 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7 GHz


My first real, from the ground up, build and it's a budget gaming one... aptly named "Lady's First" as this is this lady's first build. ;)

Everything went fairly smoothly on the build but I did make some rookie mistakes. I didn't see there was a plate to put on the back opening of the case for the mobo until I had already installed the mobo, GPU and hooked up many of the cables to the mobo. It was packed underneath the foam in the box so I didn't see it and totally missed that picture on the install guide. So I had to pull GPU, unhook a few cables and unscrew the mobo so I could put that plate on the back. And I'm not 100% sure I got all the metal fins tucked in right either. The pictures on the instructions don't really show that part of the install. Just the plate and an arrow pointing to the back of the tower. So that was the first n00b moment. The second n00biness was when I went to power up everything and I had fans a blowing and power to keyboard and all but no BOOTUP. That was when I realized that I mistakenly thought that slots 1 and 2 for RAM sticks were actually backup slots 1 and 2 (B1 and B2). So after reinstalling my 2 sticks into the right 1 and 2 slots, she bootup up great from the Linux bootable USB drive I made with the grams laptop. I considered buying Windows 10 but Linux will work for everything I need except for my proctored exams for college courses. And I can take them using the old laptop.


THERMALTAKE 750W 80+ GOLD CERTIFIED SEMI-MODULAR ATX PSU is over the top for my build BUT it's a great deal that I couldn't pass up! Plus no worries of overworking and it heating up. I have had major issues with heat related issues with store bought laptop but it is a blessing and I'm thankful for having it these past 4 years. (Ex boyfriend gave it to me in 2013 and while it's got issues, it is still working for me). Also, a factor is room temp as we don't keep the house an icebox. We freeze at 75. LOL So 75 to 80 room temp isn't the best enviro for electronics.

My initial build without additions (SSD, Bluray, etc) would put me at roughly 55% load which I'm happy. AND It's a gold+ rated SEMI MOD PSU for $50 (after rebate). Wasn't passing up that deal. Gives me plenty of growing room.

DEEPCOOL KENDOMEN RED ATX MID TOWER Due to my personal obsession with the heat factor, I searched and found this case. FIVE pre-installed fans: 2 in front, 2 on top, and 1 in back. Fans all had 2 types of connectors which was great that I had what I needed but also a pain for cable management. Front two fans have red leds so that's nice. I flipped flopped by and forth on whether to get the black or red on the Kendomen but ultimately representing my local teams won out: Atlanta Falcons and Georgia Bulldogs! Besides, I gotta have some color!

INTEL PENTIUM G4560 3.5HZ DUAL-CORE As this is my first build, I'm did a lot of research and back and forth on AMD vs. Intel. I have always liked AMD but mainly that has been because the stock computers I have always bought/been given have been AMD. But I read so many great things about processor. And you get so much bang for the buck. I am not a hardcore, fps sucking gamer. I have games I enjoy tho and I know this CPU will do them justice for sure.

MSI B250M PRO-VDH MICRO ATX LGA1151 To get a good idea on a mobo, I read through many other builds that used G4560 here and elsewhere on the net. I then compared the different boards, went to the manufacturer's page on the board and read the writeup there. This board won me over from testimonials as well as specs.

TEAM ELITE PLUS 8GB (2X4GB) DDR4-2400 I toyed with getting 16GB of RAM but honestly that is major overkill for me personally. The reviews on this RAM were all good. Toyed with getting the red version of this memory but knew I really wouldn't be seeing the color so paying that little bit extra just for a color difference wasn't a sell for me. The gold and black work great with the MSI mobo.

PNY GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB Knowing my current needs, I opted for the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti for my first build. Plus I got $20 coming on this so that was nice. I almost went with Radeon RX 460 but after going thru several spec comparisons for the two, this GPU is plenty for my needs right now. GPU is something I can always upgrade in the future. Due to my n00b factor with not checking the monitor cable, the GPU is currently repacked in box until I get the right cable this week so that I can hook monitor to it. Wasn't sure if it would be an issue to have it installed in the mobo or not so felt better about just pulling it and packing it up until I have right cable.

WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR BLUE 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Western Digital has solid reputation with me from the beginning of my computing days. Great reviews for the Caviar Blue so it was my pick. I considered an SSD but decided to leave that as a future upgrade and keep within my budget. I won't be missing what I've never had (SSD speed) anyways. ;) But I would still like to add later on.

ACER K272HL 27" LCD I knew pretty quick that I wanted a 27 inch but also that I wanted to stay within that $150 or less range. Thankful for shopping filters that helped me located this monitor. 1080p was a must and I wanted a max of 5ms response time. This monitor is 4ms. Great reviews. I didn't check what cable it came with tho in my researching and of course it was VGA so I gotta buy a cable to be able to hook to GPU.

Already owned a keyboard and wireless mouse that I'm using tho I need to put the right part for the keyboard. It's a logitech not HP.


---WiFi Adapter (Moving in 2 weeks so if cable outlet works in bedroom, will stay wired... if not, I will be adding wifi after the move so I don't have to camp out on dining room table, which is closest horizontal surface to my current wifi cable modem)

---Speakers ... currently will be using my headset for sound. I have hearing issues (have hearing aids but don't wear all the time), so I have to take that into account with speakers. I couldn't even hear anything with the laptop speakers so got used to using my headset for sound anyways.


---BluRay Optical Drive... Drive didn't really work on the laptop so I'm not sure on this add BUT it would be nice to have the option to chill in my room with a movie sometimes.

!!!Any comments or suggestions are welcome!!!


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Dinozad 2 Builds 2 points 19 months ago

Great first build, good choice of parts, great bang for buck. very nice.

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

Thank you! I went back and forth on GPU and RAM until I was going in circles. Solid quick on case, PSU and motherboard as they all have growing room and I like that.... Never know what my needs will be in a year.

Pachi 2 Builds 2 points 19 months ago


Cable management is a 7/10. Pretty damn nice for a first-timer

SSD should be your very first upgrade (unless of course, wifi is needed)

A very nice first build. +1

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

I won't know on the necessity of wifi until we get in the new place in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the cable score! I think I need to rework them a bit... All those extra plugs in series on same plug would be great if I had things to plug them into. Lol I did some reading on cable management prior to the build but honestly reading and doing are not the same. Will update pics when/if I do

Thanks for the great compliment! And awesome input!

phhunt09 1 point 18 months ago

I'm having the same problem you ran into with a build on the same mobo. I'm wondering if it's because of the memory slots, which is admittedly very confusing for me (not sure if it's because I'm new at this, or because the board is confusing). If the slots were numbered 1-4, 1 being the slot next to the CPU, which slots did you use?

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 17 months ago

When I first installed the ram sticks, I put them both in the 2 slots on the outside edge of the mobo away from the CPU simply because they were easiest to install the sticks into and boot up didn't work. Did some research on my old laptop and figured out that system wasn't reading I had any RAM installed so I moved them both to the 2 slots closest to the CPU (1 and 2 in your scenario listed). After that, boot up worked for me with no problem.

AVRadev 0 points 19 months ago

OK I have 1 question here. How come you couldn't get a normal PSU like the EVGA 430W, that would do a better joob for your build, since it woun't be at 20% load (like the one you have), and used the 50 dollars you save to buy GTX 1060 3BG for 180 dollrs instead of the 1050ti.

I mean you basically lost 40% productivity increase of you PC, just to get that PSU. Makes no sence at all. It costs more than your CPU. Basically 2/3 of the GPU price. It;s crazy man - crazy.

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 18 months ago

I got a $30 rebate back on the PSU, so after rebate, the $50 price for this PSU was just as good as a PSU with less bang. I calculated out what I needed and came up with 480W for my current load....so I would have had to get a minimum 500W.. and adding anything to the system later and the load would be maxed out. Heat is an issue with me when it comes to electronics because we serious can't do cooler than about 75 in the house, with typical being more like 78ish. So for me, keeping the load down was important... max out the load and you increase the heat factor. By keeping the load between that 50% to 75% range, then PSU runs cool. The 500W PSUs I looked at all ran around that $50 range too. The rebate was the seller for me with this PSU.

AVRadev 1 point 18 months ago

GPU - 75W max from the PCI slot CPU - 54W TDP HDD - 20W max. RAM + other minor power drawing components - 20W

Even if you put other devoces on the PC you will draw 200W max How did you calculate 480W?

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 17 months ago

I used a calculator at a website... I put in everything I had in my system and it calculated the wattage. I will have to search to find it again.... think it was at Newegg but now I'm not 100% sure.

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 17 months ago

And with my system as is, it calculated 410w but I want to add optical drive and SSD so I put those in there as well and got the 480W

tea submitter 1 Build 1 point 17 months ago

Also, my own personal preference was for at least a semi-mod PSU which puts the price a little higher and at the time of my build were running at about $40 and up. So seeing that this one had a rebate that put it a $50 after the rebate was processed, I just felt I was getting more bang for my buck. Any semi to full mod I would get, no matter what the wattage, would still have been about this same price.

And I almost went with a better GPU but decided this one would fit well with my own personal needs/use. It wasn't the money factor that I put in the PSU that made me change. It was more about what I was getting for what I was paying in combo with what I personally needed. I had a budget that was more than my finally cost but this was my first real build and I wanted to keep it closer to $600 instead of maxing out at $1000. This gives me plenty of growing room with my rig later on if/when my needs change and I want upgrades like an SSD. I'm researching those now as I'm not familiar with them and I want to get best bang for my buck here.

When I had desktop computers, years ago now (I've been exclusively on a gifted laptop for about 4 years), PSU was what went out on it more than once. I have electronics training in the Navy, and so I know that heat and electronics are tough combo. I know that temps in 60s are ideal for electronics but I can't do that temp range as I freeze when the temps are low 70s in the house. LOL

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