I built this pc in summer of 2012 and basically didn't know what I was doing whatsoever. I didn't know that this site existed until well into 2015. I also had a lot of problems with this build and am currently in the process of building a new PCP specifically for when polaris/pascal comes out. So expect a new build coming from me in May/June. I will never go back to a As rock board again first one was broken and had to rma then after I had that one for a year it broke again then I went and bought this board and had to rma this one and now on my fourth board by them. Learned my lesson. This build is just here for me to reference mainly. And yeah I know the PSU is really bad found that out when I found this site. The First picture is just the inner workings of the whole thing it doesn't look that great so didn't want to get too much into it. The second picture is right when I moved into my new apartment and I was still figuring out how best I wanted my room to be situated. The third picture is after I got new speakers (massdrop), new ear pads(most comfortable things ever btw), and a new desk from Ikea called Alex, I also got a new keyboard from amazon its an offbrand but I am really in love with it, it's very loud and clicky and I also got a new mousepad which goes with the whole new white theme I have going on.

Part Reviews


It always refused to overclock but I'm not sure if it was the CPU or the mobo preventing this, probably the mobo. But it is still going strong here in 2016.

CPU Cooler

Never had a problem with this cooler. Others continue to use this same one even today so obviously a great cooler.


Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with ASRock products and so I'm not a huge fan of them.


I had trouble with the mobo recognizing them the first time around and so I got frustrated with them, but with the second mobo they definitely were much better.


The very first SSD I placed inside my build. Even though it's not my main SSD anymore I still continue to use it behind the two Samsung Pro's


Bought two of these right when they came out and am a very happy person. Stuck them into Raid 0 and allowed my computer to turn on extremely fast. 100% would buy again.

Video Card

Four years with one video card feels like forever but it really continued to get high fps in games until this year in which it slowly started to struggle. Would definitely buy another EVGA product/video card in the future for my next build.

Operating System

It's an operating system. Love windows 7, hated windows 8 that my laptop ran on.

Sound Card

It was a great sound card until windows 10 came out and I upgraded it to that then it stopped working for around 3~ months time until I was able to get a third party work around going and it finally started up again.


The keys were always too soft for my liking and I then ended typing up papers on my laptop instead. Overall nice keyboard 5/5 not enough clickyness 1/5


Had this mouse for 3+ years but the wire always bothered me especially when I was flying jets in Bf4. Got a wireless mouse around september 2015 10/10 would recommend.


Bought them right when they came out 100% fell in love with them. Replaced the ear pads in February of this year. Overall experience with them 15/10 would recommend

External Storage

Continue to use this external hard drive even today 2 years later. Definitely buying a WD hard drive on my next build (as of right now a new one for my next build is on its way here).

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what keyboard is this on the third picture

  • 45 months ago
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It's an off brand keyboard from one of massdrop's sales. I believe they are having a sale for it right now. Here's the url also on amazon as:

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