This build was for gaming / casual video editing, as well as just general use.

The graphics card is an old model from my previous PC, as I will wait until April for the new line from nVidia.

Fairly easy to put together - hardest part was trying to screw in the top left motherboard screw, not heaps of space between the CPU cooler and the top of the case.

Part Reviews


It's a CPU, and I think it does what it is meant to do. Not going to be overclocking, so happy with this model.

CPU Cooler

Quite large, but looks good. Fan is quiet.


Had a bit of trouble getting the IO shield in properly (could be me / the case though). The random light strips on the left hand side are a nice touch.

Works as expected.


Memory is ram! It's all rather pretty.


Nothing wrong with this. Does the job.

Video Card

Ooooold card - but still holds up surprisingly well.


I love the aesthetic of the case. Everything fit in rather nicely, and cable management was fairly easy to do.

A bit strange that they put so much effort into the black and red colour scheme, but then have random coloured fan/f-panel wires. The front panel itself could probably be improved.

Power Supply

Really glad I went for this PSU. It works as expected, easy to plug in cables, has a switch for the fan light, and is quiet.


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More Pics? Also that GPU...

  • 43 months ago
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More pics please

  • 43 months ago
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That gpu is 10x better than the Titan X amirite?

  • 40 months ago
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facepalm that case...... WHY?!?!?!?!??!?!

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You seriously could have gotten a better case for a WAY better price.

  • 31 months ago
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I like the simplistic, modern chic look of the Inwin Personally. Don't think the price has anything to do with that one.

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