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TheTerminator. First time PC Build (Gaming/HTPC) **Updates 2/3/2013**

by Smokeyh37



CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

31.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

53.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

27.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

43.0° C


I have be taking my time collecting parts to build this machine. I am mostly going to be gaming. This PC is my plan to migrate from Xbox, I have been an xbox gamer for over 4 years now. I built this to see what potential there is for higher quality gaming. I mostly like FPS and racing games so I knew I needed a good GPU. I will also be using this as a media center, so my future plans will be to add a blu ray and more storage, which is why I got this case, plenty of room for expansion. Before anyone decides to flame any of my decisions for parts 1. I did not pay full price for anything, and 2. the Mobo and CPU was sold to me by a friend for $125 (a deal I couldn't pass up). Other than that let me know what you guys think. I will post Benchmarks later. Thanks for looking! update Added a new CPU Cooler NEW TEMPS; CPU Temp while Idle: 27.0C CPU Temp while under load: 45.0C. Great improvement with a better CPU cooler!!

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zhuoq.yin 1 Build 3 points 56 months ago

stock cooler? I guess you need more than that

Smokeyh37 submitter 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

yeah i forgot to mention that is in the future plans (very near future) but I'm mot even gonna lie, when I got the last parts I needed to put this guy together I was too damn excited. I think this will be kind of interesting though because i wanna see how much difference a better cpu cooler will make. I will be updating both as well.

miniclipgamer 2 Builds 1 point 56 months ago

I agree.

Caio 2 points 56 months ago

Nice build man. The was one crazy deal on the CPU+MOBO.

You might want to flip that PSU over. It's currently sucking warm air in from the case instead off picking up cool air from underneath. Plus your CPU power cable will then be able to fit behind your motherboard.

What racing games do you play? Anything online? I was always interested in playing online, but I've never found a game where every race just turns into a crash-fest.

Smokeyh37 submitter 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Thanks Caio, yeah that's a good idea thanks for the heads up on the PSU. I am a big time Forza player, I know it's not on PC but that's my all time fav racing game and I'll play them until they stop making them. I haven't played any racing games on PC yet because I literally built this last night, but I think I'll start with NFS most wanted 2.

Caio 1 point 56 months ago

Cool man, haven't played a racing game on console since GT 3.

And good for you for posting your build.

Mine's almost 1 year old and I still haven't.

Papasunshine007 3 Builds 1 point 56 months ago

cpu and mobo for 125 thats a steal! nice man!

th3m4dh4tt3r 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Nice rig! :D Although imo you should have gone with a seven series chipset. Z77, Z75 H77 etc. That's not really a big deal though. The cable management is definitely above par! Some of the builds on here don't even try. Overall, great job!! Definitely better than a console.

Smokeyh37 submitter 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Thanks, yeah im pretty picky about cabling. I hear what your saying about a better chipset, and if I were to buy a mobo straight off of the market I would have definetly gone with a better one.

Eastside-G 1 point 50 months ago

My neck.... Please, next time uploading pictures, make sure they are orientated the right way

seafire01 -3 points 56 months ago

Windows 8 is worthless in gaming, get windows 7. You also wouldn't need the i7 as most games can't use the hyperthreading that it offers.

codydavidson 1 point 56 months ago

As he stated, got the cpu/mobo combo for $125... can't really nitpick that! Normally we'd say don't spend the extra money on the i7... but he didn't. He paid less for the combo than most of us paid for our motherboard alone. And he came from Xbox- so windows 8 probably feels good to him. Personal preference goes a long way in choices.

Smokeyh37 submitter 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

Thanks for reiterating codydavidson, I was going to reply but I didn't want to waste valuable letters..;p but you, sir, are spot on so again I appreciate it ::cheers::

Smokeyh37 submitter 1 Build 1 point 56 months ago

pretty interesting, i used pokki on my laptop a while ago but it corrupted after an update so I uninstalled it. Have you used that classic shell?

Hellvaguy 1 Build 0 points 56 months ago

No I went back to windows 7, so I didnt get to try that out. Too many things I didnt like about 8. Maybe I'll give it another try in a few months.

Hellvaguy 1 Build 0 points 56 months ago

True no games that I know utialize hyperthreading right now, but...i7 3770k ($229 at microcenter) does do virtu mvp, which has some good potiental. It combines the integreted graphics on the cpu with your deticated video card. On paper, it does sound promising.