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New Year Ripper build

by Fphillipeck



Date Published

Dec. 27, 2018

CPU Clock Rate

3.5 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

14 GHz


I wanted something to edit video's with and play games and just be all around badass with, so I built around the fastest most badass workstation/editing CPU I could find, a Threadripper 2950x. I will be editing videos and pics with this machine plus after i add my old GTX 1060 6GB I will be running unraid and virtualizing two machines for myself and my girlfriend to game on. So basically we will share a box and each have a Ryzen 2700x to game on with 32GB of memory each. I hope you guys like my new build, its not quite done yet.

motherboard: I originally had a Strict x399-E Gaming motherboard but one of the m.2 slots has issues detecting so I bought a Zenith Extreme to replace it. So glad I did.

Memory: Originally I went with Dominator platinum 32Gb on the advice of a friend, turned out to not be Samsung b-die but hynix, which is fine but it refused to run at rated speeds so I replaced it with two 32Gb kits of G.Skill Trident Z RGB which does run at the rated 3200mhz whith double the capacity and being dual rank.

Graphics: EVGA GTX 2080 which I will be stepping up to a 2080 Ti in a few weeks and adding it to my water cooled loop. I am also using the GTX 1060 6gb from my old rig as a render card and virtualizing a second gaming machine for my girl to play at the same time as I do.

Power Supply: I went with a 1300w G2 because I will be going SLI one day and I will have a ton of storage, like 6 ssd's and 3+ Nvme ssd's eventually, plus threadripper oc'd can pull 500+ watta all by itself.

Cooling: As for cooling for the system I got an EKWB Supremacy block for the TR4 socket and took the pump/res out of my old pc. I will be adding the GPU to the loop as soon as I step up to the 2080 ti. I am not quite happy with the CPU block so I will probably upgrade to a monoblock for vrm cooling too. I have a ton of fittings, I am kind of a collector of water cooling fittings so I had plenty to play with and choose from to design the tubing runs for this loop.

Case: I liked the look of the define R6 and it fits an EATX motherboard, barely, but it fits, and allows me to use the two 360mm rads i had in my previous build. The only thing I dont like about it is the fact that it doesn't allow me to plug in the molex power plug on the bottom of the board because it buts up flat against the power supply shroud. In order to to plug it in I would need to cut a hole in the shroud to get a molex to it but for now it seems with 2 GPU's and a 10g NIC I dont feel any need to even plug it in yet.

Storage: Currently i have a 250GB 970EVO as a boot drive and a 500Gb 860 Evo as a scratch drive and for my steam library and i archive everything older than 2 weeks on my old rig which now runs free nas and has 16TB or storage, I will be adding 5 more 8TB WD Red drives to it once christmas is paid off XD

This is my first NEW PARTS build in a VERY long time guys so please be nice :), my last build was an LGA 1366 i7-950 Sabertooth X58 build which i eventually upgraded to a Xeon x5650 and OC'd to 4.4ghz, this Threadripper is CRAZY compared to that thing, though it was cool, it was nothing compared to this.

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PierreVisconti 1 point 1 month ago

Interesting. I also am currently running dual channel ram but my manufacture, Gigabyte, recommended with my motherboard, Gigabyte x399 designer, to run both sticks on the right side of the cpu. Same configuration as mainstream motherboards, like x470 or z390 chipset.

Fphillipeck submitter 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

Hmm really? That is interesting... I wonder if running two sticks per channel is any different than runing quad channel? that is very interesting indeed...

PierreVisconti 1 point 1 month ago

Well running dual channel should be bottlenecking threadripper, but my cinebench scores are around 2800-2900 at stock speeds with turbo turned off which is the norm with quad channel. And gaming seems to be fine to me so I'm not sure.

Fphillipeck submitter 1 Build 1 point 1 month ago

Are you sure you have your DIMMs in the correct slots? Accoring to the manual you should have 4 sticks in the same slots I currently have mine in, which from left to right would be 1,3,6,8 but i am not sure it really makes any appreciable difference. I am curious, I think i might try putting all 4 DIMMs in channel a/b and benchmark the results.