Built this machine over the last few months. Some parts came from an old PC that was running SLI... Why I have a giant PSU. Use this Machine for gaming, video editing, CAD, streaming, and school work. Soon to add a big storage drive, but i have most of my data saved on my network storage device. I did spend quite a few dollars on this machine but money was not a big deal. This basically was my dream machine. Any questions just let me know. Hope you enjoyed!


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  • 75 months ago
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Nice build however I'm not a fan of spending that much on a HDD as I would rather put it towards the SSD

All in all still an awesome powerful machine so +1 from me

  • 75 months ago
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great build +1 what upgrades do you plan on doing (if so not like you need any) and how does the 780 perform? im thinking on getting one

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