I wanted a build to stream and record video while playing games at 1080 all at max. So i builded this pc to play games while streaming or recording and with enough potential to render videos etc... The first game i tried streaming was Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and i succedeed in streaming it 1080 p 60 fps while playing at 1080p with every single setting at max. I have already benched something : 100% core usage and the temps never go higher than 59 °C which is Amazing even after 2 hours of 100% usage. Sadly this graphic card isn't this cold because it has to be at 65 °C before turning on the fans ... Using 3Dmark: Sky Diver : 31869 points . :

I think you are wondering why game refrigerator? well my father said that it looks like a refrigerator so...

Part Reviews


Very fast cpu , worked out of the box, with the h100i gtx cooler this cpu stays at <30 in idle and <60 at 100% cpu usage.

CPU Cooler

Very good cooling even tho had some problem with the mobo, the mobo didn't recognise this cooler as the cpu cooler till i changed in the bios the cooler to wmp then it worked perfectly.


Everything is working fine, and i would like to give this mobo a 6 for all the included plastic hole blocker to prevent them holes like sata to get full of dust.


Bought 2 boxes of 2 sticks and everything worked fine! Very fast ram and really not that expensive so 5/5.


As for now this is a very nice ssd fast and reliable


Not the best on the market but for the price is the best, equal in speed to wd black but 20 $ less .

Video Card

runs too hot in idle, still a very good gpu


Very nice case , achieved a clean build thx to the cable management room under the ssds bay.

Power Supply

simply Amazing and does his job very well . It comes with a lot of wires and a bag to keep em in .


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Nice, cool and clean+1

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Thx a lot.

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Thanks , i love how it turned out.

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Nope , i wanted each one of them to work alone and as separated drives if you mean that (it's my first build).