This is my first build, it was time to move away from laptops. Initially this computer was meant for CAD designs and to be able to run the latest CAD, photo and video editing software there is. However it also doubles as brilliant gaming PC that easily runs most games at 60FPS. The 8-core FX-8350 isn't the best chip set for gaming, its more suited to multi-core operations which makes it brilliant for multitasking. I would also like to point out, that I may have gone a little over the top with 16 GB of RAM, as I have yet to use more than 8GB.

I would say that the main limiting factor for this build is the hard drive speed, as it is by far the slowest component in the system. I would recommend purchasing an SSD for the build, I know I will be soon.

UPDATE: I have recently purchased 2 SSD storage drives. I am using the OCZ Arc 100 240GB as a boot drive that has a partition size of 135GB. I have then added a second partition to the drive, with a size of 87GB; that I use for temporary files (download and NVIDIA ShadowPlay temp files, etc) With the Samsung 840 120GB, the partition is set to 110GB and I am currently using it for Stream games and music

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  • 59 months ago
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Great first build. I think an SSD like you said would make things a little faster for you, and in regards to the memory 16GB is a little overkill, but you should remove your page file since you have that much to limit your read writes on disk. I would also try to cable manage that power supply a little bit better, but I'm just picky about stuff like that in a windowed case. Other than that I really think this is a superb build, especially for a first build. +1