My first build that i did completely by myself. It ended up being more than i though, because i went from a Radeon RX-590 to a RX-5700. Everything has worked great, can play all my major games on max settings with graphics mods at about 120-140fps. I did a mild overclock on the CPU (4.20GHz) and on the GPU (1815MHz). The cpu is currently on the stock prism cooler, but i have had no issues with thermals.

The monitor is amazing, super great color for the price. Having 165Hz is a little overkill but definitely noticeable in games such as drive and Forza. The keyboard is great and came with a free mouse pad, and the mouse is very comfortable and accurate.

Editing drone footage on this thing has been a breeze, having the HDD means i can store finished drone videos while having most everyday stuff on a SSD.

The only upgrade i am considering making is to a better Mobo so i dont need to have the Pcle WiFi adapter, but other than that this machine can handle everything i've thrown at it! Skyrim on high settings with 8gb of graphics mods runs smooth, and i can easily do any workload or play any game on this machine.

NOTE: 2 ramsticks and 2 case fans have not arrived yet, i will update photos once i install them. Also i got the Tomahawk MAX motherboard which is not listed on pcpartpicket, but was $10 more than the normal tomahawk

Part Reviews


Really super solid CPU, I overclocked mine on a stock cooler and still maintain amazing thermals with this beast. Having 8 cores means it shreds through everything i put in front of it, and it does so efficiently and smoothly. I overclocked mine to 4.20GHz and it doesn't get past 65 on a stock cooler. If i tried that on an I-7 it would melt my case.


Great starter motherboard, super easy to build on, everything functions great, and pretty good I/O, was in my opinion a great choice. It's too bad it doesn't have WiFi but for $120 you don't expect it to. A wifi card is only $20


It's ram, It works. Its default speed is ddr4-2666 tho, i had to fiddle with the bios to get the 3200mhz. I overclocked it to 3466mhz and it works ok


Fairly slow write time, not bad but expected better


Surprisingly fast. I port videos to this hard drive all the time with no issues, and it doesn't take that long at all.

Video Card

It's a blower. I got this for $300 back in december at my local microcenter, and was hesitant to buy a blower card. Shoul have stuck to my gut because while this performs pretty well, it is LOUD. I mean 60% fan speed is ear deafening


Good, pretty decent instructions, good spots for cable management. Wish there was a better opening for GPU cable management but there isnt. Back panel does not leave much space, the included fan controller barely fits behind (Although you can put it in a 2.5" drive bay). The back panel also is very hard to get on, it has to fit into these holes on the case, and is pretty obnoxious to remove.

Only real problem i had with this case is the 3.5" HDD bay, it's not big enough. Tried on three different hard drives, each of them was a little too big. You have to really push it back in, and it doesn't actually tell you in the instructions how to use the hard drive bays.

Power Supply

Good, hasn't blown up yet, the power cable has some thicc insulation which makes it a pain in the *** for a case with only 1/2" back panel clearance. Bends nice tho

Operating System

it is definitely windows


Super impressive monitor, color looked odd at first so i went into the settings and calibrated it. The color then looked really nice, it was sharp, the high refresh rate is noticeable, it's low profile, its even magnetic for rgb strips! Great monitor, considering buying another

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What are the RAM timings?

  • 27 days ago
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16-18-18 @1.35V i believe, you still have to use an x-amp profile to achieve 3200mhz