I'm on a tight budget so I had to be a little cheap on some of the parts.

This is the first computer I have ever built so please excuse the cable management. This case also has almost no space for cable management so dealing with the cables was extremely difficult and this is the best I could get. If you are planning on using this case make sure you buy a modular PSU, otherwise you will have cable hell in there.

I will mainly use this computer for programming, a little 3D designing and gaming. If you have any tips on how this rig can be improved please let me know. I live in South America so getting access to all the parts is not always possible because of stock or extreme prices. (That's why you will find some grammar and spelling errors here since English is not my native language)

I haven't had much time to test this build because of job/family/house stuff but I will update some data as soon as I test it.

I'm using the HDD and optical drive from my old computer, that's why I didn't list them here.

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  • 65 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! +1 the only thing i would change is to get an i5 4690k and splurge a bit more $$ on a 970 and OC the i5 but great build nonetheless!

  • 65 months ago
  • 3 points

Wow, it's nice to see that my first build is not that bad after all! lol! I thought about changing the processor for a better GPU, let's see how it handles the loads so I can find out if a new video card is needed. Thanks fot the tip and the +1!

  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

I'm still confused on why you used SP120's when you could have just used normal airflow fans.