Hello and welcome to Evolution my personal dream gaming rig that evolved over time hence the name evolution and i thought this would be a good time to introduce you to her. There is nothing much i can say about her apart from she aims to please all the gaming senses that you could hope to achieve from gaming sessions long or short.

There is two stages to Evolution. as you can see from her specs stage one is currently on z97 chipset which is more than enough for what the average gamer would need and even then i think of it as overkill to a degree for current games out now and that are future releases.


This Stage the final stage is possibly my ideal and realistic dream rig which has elegantly evolved from something of an idea that has come to light over the past years to something that will be beyond all my expectations ushering a new era for my gaming habits welcome to stage 2 upon completion

Saving under way


A full custom loop will be implemented into stage 2 also

Little bit of an introduction never hurts anyone does it?

Feel free to comment and all positive and negative feedback is welcomed (Thread to be updated as and when Evolution receives an evolutionary upgrade to her as she is a working progress)

Sorry for the lack of pictures this was done last minute


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Sorry for the lack of pictures this was done last minute

Not lacking in photos, just kind of dark and hard to see. Regardless, it is much appreciated to see internal photos. You have some great parts so good job with your build! I'm looking forward to your next transformation with your build. +1

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yea pics came from my lame iphone :( only way i could take pics bit of luck next tranformation should be better also with pics of packages