This is my very first PC build. I've been doing my research over the years and have been wanting to build a nice PC that is mainly for gaming. I couldn't go over the top on pricing for I am a poor 20yo college student, but as of yet I am pretty happy with my build. I bought most these components specifically for overclocking and the availability to upgrade in the future.

i5 4690k: What more could I ask for? Couldn't afford a i7 and really didn't think I need one for what I will mainly be doing on this PC (gaming), and ya.. I'll be able to overclock, but i'll be doing that in the future. As of right now the stock 3.5ghz is more than meeting my needs, but I already know that i'll become more hungry for power in the future. Temps: Idle(30-38c) Under Load (50-60c)

CM Hyper 212 EVO: I heard really good things about this cpu cooler, and how it's really a "bang for your buck". As for so far, this cooler is getting the job done. Will be upgrading to water cooling when I get the money in the future.

MSI z97-g45: Seems to be a good mobo, good bios. Heard some bad things about this mobo but it's working fine for me so far.

RAM: 8gb seems to be enough for gaming, probably will upgrade in future if I have some extra cash around.

HDD: Was cheap, will get ssd in future.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970: You all know about this card. I have (sort of) a rare version of this card. It is the reference card. I bought it at bestbuy. I does alright.. It's not as good as most of the 970's but I wanted to get a card asap so I grabbed this at bestbuy. I was debating this card or the XFX r9 390 which has 8gb vram.. they had it at bestbuy and didn't have the balls to buy it. I haven't been hearing the best of things about it and since it being so new I was worried about the drivers. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and I will be planning on buying another 970 in the future.. hopefully

Case: Nice cheap case, had everything I needed.

Power Supply: I was a little hesitant on buying a sentey, but I'm glad I did. I've had no problems thus far, and the build quality seems to be very nice considering what I paid.

Optical Drive: Just got it because... idk

Case fan: I just bought a cheapo one thinking I'd need one.. the fans that came with the case would have been just fine, but having 3 fans shouldn't hurt.. especially putting one on that hot *** reference card.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro: Got student discount for $100 off.. can't complain

Conclusion: I think I've done an alright job with my first build. I could use better cable management, and better airflow. If you have any tips feel free to post them. Thanks


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You can't say you're poor and build a $1000 PC.

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It just means he saved up.

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I see

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only thing to improve is the cpu cooler for 2 more pounds you could've got a be quiet shadow rock lp quiet low profile for ram and outperforms the 212 evo by a milestone pretty much

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