Picture quality isn't the best. Taken with my iPhone in a not-so-well lit room.

This is a PC that I built for my grandparents. Their old Dell Optiplex with Windows XP was deteriorating and slowing down with every mouse click. They came to me and asked if their was anything I could do to help, and I told them a new PC was best. They then said, "Well, we will go to Walmart and pick out a new one..." I screamed, "WAIT! I can build you a BETTER PC for LESS!!" They agreed, and this is what happened.

CPU: Best bang for the buck CPU hands down. I went with Intel just for upgrade path. This should last a good while and should be MUCH faster than the old HT Pentium 4 in the Optiplex.

Motherboard: Amazing motherboard at an AWESOME price!! It looks amazing, it has great features, and is on the reliable H97 chipset.

RAM: It was cheap.

SSD: My grandparents don't use alot of storage, and this wasn't much more than a standard HDD, so I thought, screw it! This thing is sooo fast!! Windows 7 boots up in around 7 seconds and programs are really snappy.

GPU: This was a GPU that I had lying around. It works, so I used it.

Case: This case looks good and is quite nice to build in. It has cable management holes and a bottom mounted power supply. Very sturdy as well. It was a little more than what I wanted to spend at $50, but the rebate brought it down to $40.

PSU: It has enough power for this system, is semi-modular, AND is 80+ Gold certified! With the rebate and discount code, it was so cheap, I just had to buy it.

OS: Windows. Nuff said.

Conclusion: This was a REALLY fun project! I was surprised at what you could get for hardly any money at all. The build was quick and easy, and the finished product looks great. The only downside with this build is that it made me realize that I spent too much money on my own rig (you can see my personal rig in my completed builds). The performance is pretty much the same (excluding the GPU) and it is a whole $200 less. It really makes me want to sell my computer and build one of these.

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  • 58 months ago
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This is a really nice build for your Grandmother. =)

+1 for perfect cable management.