CPU: I decided to go with the Ryzen 5 3600x as the Wraith Spire stock cooler is supposed to be more effective than the Wraith Stealth that comes with the Ryzen 5 3600. (The clock speed is 200mhz faster out of the box as well!) Under load, the max I have seen the CPU reach is 65c which is fantastic for a stock cooler. This CPU is incredible value for money.

Mobo: I chose the B450 Tomahawk Max as it works plug and play with Ryzen 3rd Gen CPU's - no need for a BIOS flash. This motherboard was considerably cheaper than an X570 chipset and I have been very impressed with it.

Memory: Ryzen CPU's favour high-speed RAM so 2600mhz wasn't going to cut it. I decided against the Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz as I felt the 3200 was sufficient and could be overclocked down the line if need be. I love the look of the RGB RAM modules in the case as well.

SSD: I chose a 1TB Samsung 970 Evo.... and wow... they are fast! PC boots in about 20/25 seconds and applications run incredibly fast.

HDD: I bought a WD 1TB for additional storage, but haven't been able to use it as my case is too small to fit my PSU and HDD cage. But I will just plug it directly into the PSU when I want to transfer files.

GPU: I went for a Gigabyte RTX 2060. Fantastic card. But, it runs pretty hot. I have set up an aggressive fan curve in MSI Afterburner, I bought an additional exhaust fan for my case and turned all 5 of my case fans up to 90% speed and it still runs between 77-80c under load in games with Ultra settings/High FPS. It has a temp limit of 83c and the card will throttle itself when it hits that, so by making these adjustments the card isn't holding itself back anymore, but it is loud with all the fans up. The coil whines a bit as well.

Case: Corsair Spec Delta - this case gets a lot of stick for having restricted airflow online but I disagree - it has better airflow than many other popular cases. I know I mentioned about my GPU heating above, but that is solely down to Gigabyte's poor dual-fan cooling solution - not the case. It comes with 3 RGB front fans and 1 non-RGB exhaust. Easy to cable manage and the case itself looks stunning. The only issue I had (as mentioned above) was being unable to fit both the HDD and PSU but you could probably squeeze them both in if you have more patience than I do!

PSU: 80+ Gold - you can't go wrong. I went fully modular as it looks a lot cleaner/easier to cable manage than non-mod/semi-modular. Another positive of full mods is that if one power cable fails, you can replace it without having to replace the entire PSU. I chose 750w to future proof even though this build could probably run on a 500w.

1080p benchmarks - (These are the only games I have tested so far)

SuperHot (Ultra) - 144fps (capped at monitor refresh) | Apex Legends (Ultra) - 130fps | Fortnite (Epic) - 130fps | Heaven 4.0 - 127fps (Tesselation Extreme - 95fps) | The Witcher 3 (Ultra) - 80fps | Metro Exodus (Extreme) - 70fps

Note: The Witcher 3 and Metro Exodus are both VERY demanding games when played on full graphic settings. If I had lowered the settings I would have easily got 100+fps and the games would have still looked stunning.

Overall, thrilled with this build! I currently play on a 144hz 1080p curved AOC monitor, but it's great to know that I can also run games in 1440p with good settings if I upgrade my monitor down the line.

Any questions I am happy to help!

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