My first home built gaming computer project, dubbed Jedi. Began in September 2013 with the purchase of the chassis, completed in February 2015 with the addition of the graphics card.


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Nice work for a small budget like that!

But, your using older parts, if you didn't have them already then i'd get a H97 mobo and a i5 4460 instead.

One more pic with everything installed please? :)

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Thanks! Yeah, they are older parts. I started buying things in September of 2013, and I've just been accumulating stuff since then. Life kept getting in the way of my computer money.

I'm a little embarrassed showing off the inside, it's kind of a mess in there because it's such a tiny case and I've literally no room for cable management. I decided to go without any optical drives so I had space in the 5.25" bays to shove excess cabling lol, but air flow isn't impeded at all and internal temperatures stay well within a safe operating range. But I'll take a couple more and throw 'em up.

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Nice budget build.

A good option for cable mangement is some Velcro brand hook and loop straps, Even in cases where you can't route behind the motherboard tray they do a good job of keeping your cables bundled together and out of the way.

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Thank you for your suggestion! I may do that one day.