So here's a little story : My father bought aproximately 10 years ago a PC, and as he wasn't doing anything demanding on it,perfectly normal. But then i discovered the endless possibilities you could do with a really fast and modern PC, so i wanted one really badly. So that's how Project Glowy begins...

This happened in early march of 2019. Sadly , we weren't financially able to buy it so i had to wait . In the meanwhile , i researched everything related to PCs as i barely knew anything. Initially , i wanted an Intel based system , but then i discovered that AMD offered much better value at this price , even before Ryzen 3000. Much , much later , after changing almost every component , and coming up with the mindset to buy the best value , but still look good and come from a reputable brand , after counting down the months , weeks and days to the assembly, it was finally time...

I was so happy, as products slowly came, and i could see for myself what was to be an amazing machine, offering me all the power i could want, for at least a couple of years. My 8 months wait was beginning to be worth it. As you can imagine , this was a gigantic upgrade in every way possible, so the Hype was real.

I plan to use this for Adobe premiere pro, Blender, and maybe After Effects and gaming, i play GTA V, Geometry Dash, Minecraft, CSGO, X-plane 11, and others...

   Okay, now for the questions that every enthusiast will absolutely ask:

Why didn't you get the Ryzen 5 3600?

Well , I really wanted this Motherboard , and i didn"t know if it was going to be compatible, because of the BIOS versions. Eventually , I figured out it was , but it was a little too late...

Why such an Overkill keyboard ? Basically, this was dad"s idea, and, as we have at least 4 keyboards lying around the house, so he wanted a serious upgrade.

Now for the overclocking: ver 1.0

CPU is at 4.0 GHz with 1.35 V . haven't dropped the voltage yet, but i don't expect much, as 4.1 is unstable even at 1.38V. Temps stay constant at 70 C but it has random spikes to 80, then quickly drops down to 70 . I have no idea why this happens , as the voltage, clock, and fan speed is constantly at 85% (after that it's loud). Help would be much appreciated! Didn"t win the sillicon lottery , but i didn't lose it either.

GPU is at +138 MHz and never drops under 1965 MHz under load , using the stock core voltage and 105% Power limit. Idk if i should increase the Vcore though... Memory is at 15.4 GHz , 15.5 gave me artefacts (got lucky enough to get samsung VRAM). Also the temps are REALLY HIGH, at 80-81 C with the fans at 88%, and they are loud at that point.My advice: don"t be cheap and spend 20 more bucks on a different model. Anyway not sure i won the silicon lottery, tell me in the comments!

As for the RAM, i am going to use the DRAM calculator to tighten up the timings. XMP 2.0 works perfectly fine, even though others had issues with this board.

Here are my fan speeds : 1850 RPM for the CPU (Not very loud) , 2500-2600 for the GPU (LOUD) , front fans at 600 RPM(dead quiet ) and the back fan at 1200. Gonna try to do the front fans at 1200, see how that improves my temps.

So far, this improved my Time Spy score from 7400 to 7868. The graphics card was mostly responsable for this , getting 8267 points, which is even higher than the default Strix! Overall pretty happy with it.

Performance in Minecraft with SEUS PTGI E11 @1440p with optifine , shadows on low, 8 chunks and all vanilla settings maxed out goes at 30FPS. Bad optimization, i guess...

   GTA V runs on ultra with (nearly) everything maxed out @60fps no problem.

   In GD The mayhem war with full details runs with a little lag on the final boss, but is very playable.

Overall very impressed with this build, and it was deffinetly worth it's price tag!

Part Reviews


One of the cheapest modern 6 core CPUs , and it has fantastic value for it's price. Sure , it might lack in IPC compared to Zen 2 and the countless Skylake refreshes, but it is still a nice CPU. I got it to run at 4.0 GHz with 1.35V, 4.1 was unstable even at 1.38V. The cooler master Hyper 212 Evo RGB black edition keeps it at 70 C, with 3 front intake fans at 600 Rpm, and one exhaust at 1200.

CPU Cooler

Keeps the Ryzen 5 2600 at 55-57 C on stock load and at 70 C when overclocked with 1.35V (4.0GHz). It is reasonably quiet at 1850RPM (85%) , but after that it gets loud. The RGB could be better tbh, as you can see the red, green, blue LEDs at intermediary colors. Otherwise, the design is really nice with brushed aluminium, and it fits well into any system. For its price, it is a really good value!



Picked this over the B450 Tomahawk because of the better IO and looks. Better than other MATX boards because it has 5 fan headers, and i needed them all. Also the RGB on the IO side looks simply amazing, as it is very well diffused, and the Chipset Leds are good.Overall a great board that i recommend to anyone building a budget Ryzen system. But this has a downside : the RGB software is surprisingly Meh, giving you relatively few options, except for Static .Sometimes, after staying and changing too many things in Polychrome, the WHOLE system freezes , and giving me a System_Service_Exception BSOD , and after restarting it doesn't detect the SSD, and i can't boot, unless i turn off the PSU in the BIOS, and restart. And yes, i have checked that this is the issue.Fix. Your. Software.


Does the job fine, XMP 2.0 works as expected. Will try tightening up the timings soon . And Btw this is not a B-die so i don't expect much overclocking or anything....


This SSD is just amazing price to performance.At the time of buying, all the 500 GB NVMe SSDs at his price only offer 1000-1500 MBps, while this is giving me 2200 MBps reads and 2000 MBps writes (seq).Boots windows that has quite a few heavy startup apps in 15-20 seconds. For those wondering, this is TLC, and has 465GB of usable space.


Works well, with exceptionally average speeds for a hard drive. Not much to say really...

Video Card

If you can spend 20-30 more dollars on a 2060 with better cooling, or even better a 5700, i strongly recommend you do so. Personally I don't regret it, 5700s are much more expensive where I live, and I originally wanted a 1660 TI, but this was on Black Friday sale, getting much closer to 1660 TI pricing, so i was like Y not? Well, indeed, it does offer 2060 performance, when overclocked even better than the stock speed high end cards, but it comes at a price: 80-81 C under load with the fans at 88%, and they are loud, spinning at 2600 RPM. Not gonna drop the rating any further, as it does the job of a decent 2060 card alright, albeit , with higher temps and noise.


Great case that looks really good, and it was very easy building and routing the cables in it, even for a first time builder like me. Fans are relatively quiet and look good. Keep them at 600 RPM so they don't make a sound, but might increase to 1000. Just one thing to complain about: The fans are 3-pin but i"m not going to drop any stars, as i get the same level of control as 4-pin. The real issue is that the 3 pin wires coming from the front panel are barely long enough to reach the MoBo, and even then, i have to wire it in a weird way. If i'm being nitpicky, i will say that the fan's RGB could be better. Absolutely recommend this, if you want a solid and premium case, but beware it is not perfect.

Power Supply

Fan is dead quiet, gold certified, semi-modular, corsair quality, many included cables, what else could you ask for at this price? So far does the job well, but we will see in the long run...


Great monitor, originally wanted 144Hz @1080p but when i saw how 1080p looks at 24 inches, i wanted an upgrade, and i feel it was the right choice. If i ever see a 1440 p 144Hz monitor in the future under 250 USD, i might get it. Anyway, this monitor is great and has vary accurate colors, would be nice for Video/Photo editing. For non competitive gaming it is perfect, even though i do miss 144Hz (I have some experiences at an internet Cafe) on Geometry Dash. Overall great monitor , and is is pretty good value.


If i could, i would give this 6 stars. I have nothing to complain about. Typing and gaming on it is a true pleasure, and this keyboard screams 'Premium' in every way, from the box, accesories, and the user experience itself. Macros and RGB are very customizable, from the keyboard and software, though I would recommend the ladder. It has 2 USB 3.0 ports , the cable is braided, and even has analog keys on QWERASDF. Awesome keyboard if you have to type a lot and have deep pockets...


Great mouse. No gimmicks. Doesn't have RGB, a bilion side buttons, but it has the Hero sensor and those very satisfying logitech clicks.Runs on AA battery, and the software is really good.

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