Sooo.. I had a PC that worked well for the applications I use, not a heavy gamer, mostly MMORPGs, spreadsheets and web surfing. It was an off the shelf i5-4460 Lenovo with a NVIDIA GT-720, 8GB Ram... nothing fancy.

After really enjoying finding LTT, Jay2Cents, and other Youtube creators that deal in tech, I got the itch to build a newer system capable of gaming and just newer to date. I also wanted to support team red and buy an AMD product as I like the company and overall competition they create in the CPU world.

Black Friday came around and I was set...spent about two months researching and reading and had my buy list ready! I got a bunch of great deals on parts (a lot less than what I paid on the list) and a few early Xmas gifts from family that knew I was building a PC (MoBo from mom, 1 SSD from brother).

All in all this was a great experience and my first build completely done alone. I was overly scared of the static shock tho, as I kept touching the plugged in power supply like every 15 seconds. Cable management was a scary thought as well, but as I went I tied stuff up and think it went well. I think its a pretty clean build.

I am looking forward to doing a more exotic build next, something that is just stunning, either with different material bases or in the lighting department. 2020 should end with another build coming :)

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  • 1 month ago
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"I was overly scared of the static shock tho, as I kept touching the plugged in power supply like every 15 seconds."

If I'm understanding correctly, you had your power supply plugged in while you were building? That's very dangerous, never install parts while plugged into a live outlet. We need you to live, love, and build safely. I understand this is your first build and you did a very good job from what I can see, good selection of parts too. Just take your time and watch a video on static conduction while building a PC.

  • 26 days ago
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Haha thanks! I guess I should explain, I had a power supply OFF and plugged into a grounded wall socket, and then my anti static wrist strap clipped to the metal fan guard on said plugged in powered off grounded power supply.

After I got to the last piece of installing the PS, I clipped to metal leg of desk (prolly not the best, but.. didnt know what else to do) and then plugged in the cables to installed PSU, since it was full modular I ran all cables.

If it helps I didnt think of this method myself, I saw it on YouTube, so might not have been best method.

Thanks for the review!!

  • 24 days ago
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All good, wipes forehead. I'm just glad you did things safely!! Do you think you'll stay with AMD GPU's for your next build or go with the new Nvidia 3,000 series line?

  • 16 days ago
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I think I have become an AMD fanboy. I like the idea of them being an underdog and competitor for the NVIDA and Intel's of the world out there. To assimilate with your avatar, AMD is my Rebels to the NVIDA Empire/First Order.... hehe. Really excited about the 5600 XT (once the correct bios upgrade ones hit the shelf) and will prolly move up to that. I know that the GPU is the "bottleneck" of this build right now, but I still cant see spending $400+ for a card no mater what I build on. So the 5600 XT will be a good upgrade at $280 without having to miss my mortgage payment :)