This is my first build and I absolutely love it. Not much else to say.

CPU: I had originally intended to get the FX-8350, but due to budgetary issues, I went with the 6300. This is still a great CPU, especially for the low price. Motherboard: Again, due to budget issues I had to shy away from the MSI 970 Gaming board. This is doing the job perfectly though. The only issue is that there aren't enough fan headers, so I'll need to get either a splitter or a fan controller. RAM: Looks great, works great. Will put in another 8 gigs eventually. Not at the top of my To-Do list though. HDD: Self explanatory. 1TB is enough for now. I have a 400 gig that I'll throw in at some point to record videos. Case: Because it's the thing you actually see when you look at your computer, the case is one of the most important things to me. I love the sleek look of Corsair's Obsidian series, and the windowed panel is great. Love being able to admire my work. PSU: I wanted a modular PSU for a cleaner build, plenty of power, and a good price. Corsair's CX660M fits all those categories perfectly, and I got the Corsair reliability. GPU: I got this Radeon HD 7850 used online for $55 ($68 after S&H). The seller said it was intended for a mining operation that never got off the ground, so it had never been run for more than a couple hours. Came in the original box with everything there, and is working great.

So far I haven't had any issues. Battlefield 4 runs great, and 60-70 FPS on high settings (1440x900)

In the future, I plan on the CPU cooler being my first upgrade (probably Corsair liquid cooling), then upgrading the GPU soon after that, as this model only has 1 gig of VRAM

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