This is my first gaming build and it ended up costing a little over $1000. I have a Razer Orochi and Kabuto from my previous computer.

I had just a few problems, one of which is probably because I just don't know how to do it right. First, I couldn't figure out how to plug my top two case fans into the fan control knobs on the front of the case and also supply power to them so they are plugged directly into the PSU and the control knobs are decoration for now. Second, My motherboard barely fits into the case with all the pre-installed fans, almost an exact fit between the edge of the board and the back/top fans. Third, The custom plastic front piece of the case feels very cheap with the spring in the spring-loaded flaps scraping against the disc tray a little bit and the button to open the disk drive is slightly to the left of the actual button and is difficult to press again to close the tray if you don't want to push it back in yourself. This is why my PSU/Case are only getting 4/5 stars and some issues are probably just because I'm a newbie and can't figure it out myself.

I was worried about the keyboard being so cheap, but it is actually really comfortable and fluid.

I easily overclocked the CPU without having to do anything with some automated programs that came on the driver CD included in the box and am having no problems. The motherboard tends to stay around 20-30 degrees Celcius while the CPU slowly increases from 30 degrees Celcius to about 45 degrees (highest I've seen it get so far).

I'm not sure if this is a problem with the monitor or just the game I was playing when I noticed it, but the monitor has lines running horizontally across the screen in darker areas, but are only visible when standing still and focusing on them. 4/5 stars for this reason.

I got a score of X1922 and P3836 with MSI Kombustor for the GTX 660.

The PC is working fantastically and is so much more powerful than my previous build it amazes me. Games I couldn't even run before are now playing at maximum settings with no problems. I'm loving this PC so far.


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There should be 3 molex cables attached to the front-end. One of them is for the power and says "power", the other two directly attach to the fans, "fan 1" and "fan 2" which you can group together so they're all running off of a control knob.

Do your front-end audio plugs work? Like for a microphone/speaker?

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Yes the USB ports and mic plugs work just fine. If I hooked up the control knobs to the fan, I'd probably have them on full power all the time anyway so it's not such a big deal to me. :p