So back in 2013 I bought my custom PC for about 1700$ in the PC it contained the CPU , hard drive,sound card and power supply you see in my build now it also had a old gigabyte h81m or something i cant remember for sure and 1 stick of 8gb gskill ram with a radeon 7850 in a mid tower case.

After a year and a half Ive upgrade to a 980ti and a cpu cooler into a full tower case with what you see now. Ive been exprimenting with OC'ing and i started to get some freezes and stuff so I was just wondering I should upgrade my psu cause i think that might be what is causing the problem or its my crappy power outlet Im not sure any opinions would help.

anyways, here are some pictures and thanks for taking time in for a quick horrible read again any opinions on if I should get another PSU or anything would help.

my profiles for OCing were in Offset mode +0.015 volts with a CPU ratio of 40.0 for a mild OC cause I was scared to go too high, It usually runs games fine sometimes I freeze at loading screens in games but not sure if its the game or the OC forgot to mention not sure if it matters I had spread spectrum on auto

but my main problem is when I multi task with browsers out and I start doing well... multitasking on the dual monitors it gets ugly and just freezes on me again games usually dont freeze on this OC profile.

The highest temps i get on my CPU cores are around 58 degrees Celsius. another stat I thought would be helpful

Thanks again I keep rambling on... ill stop now.

after getting my PC OCed and good to go, I plan to upgrade to a new desk and chair ! no worries guys I know this desk cant do my PC justice,


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