This build was to replace my R52600 /rx580 build. That computer is now running my oculus rift s so I wanted to build a new primary rig.

All parts were purchased over the Black Friday 2019 period except for the case (it was purchased upon release just to have an extra case, however, it’s now doubled in price if you can even find it).

Only issue I had was with the g.skill memory kit that does not work right out of the box with the mobo. First it wouldn’t recognize the memory then I Could not get it to run higher then 3000mhz until I boosted the voltage by 5% then runs 3600 all day no issues.

Power supply had to be RMA’d due to only one VGA cable working and giving me a VGA error code. That was a week delay.

Other then that no issues. Threw in some Corsair LL series fans and light strips just for rainbow puke and called it a day.

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