This is the first PC I build. I went with the ryzen CPU because it has a great price to performance ratio and the AM4 socket is perfect for upgrading later down the line. I am an average gamer and I mostly play RPG / open world exploring games / builder games. Especially for the last one (mainly Cities Skylines) I needed a fast processor that didn't break the bank. I am not currently looking to upgrade my LG ultrawide monitor so that's why I went with the RX5700. It is an awesome performer for 75FPS gaming on my 1080p ultrawide. Games run very smooth and almost no problems whatsoever. I was going to go with the RTX 2070 super at first but that card has almost the same performance at a much higher cost.

The games I play right now (all at 75FPS ULTRA or higher):

  • Far Cry 5

  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  • Red Dead Redemption 2

  • No Mans Sky

  • The witcher 3

  • Cities Skylines

  • Planet Coaster

I love the purple look, especially at night. I couldn't be happier

Part Reviews

Video Card

Awesome price to performance ratio, but can be very loud when under heavy load. The cooler does keep the card below 70C at all times so thats nice. I do recommend a good headset if you are gaming on this card right next to you.

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  • 2 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks awesome. Still in the building of mine. Like to play a lot of rpgs. Ultra wide is going to be awesome.