Hey guys of PcPartPicker! So I recently just got into PC's about a month ago by a friend and this encouraged me to build one for the experience and for the fun of it seeing as I play a lot of different PC games. Before having this PC I was playing off of a Macbook Pro (I know it sucks) but it got the job done but I wasn't able to run the games I wanted to so this is my first build I've ever done.


Has to be under $1,000 (keyboard, mice and OS I already had :p)

Has to look nice

Can perform quite well

The Parts List

CPU: i5-6500

I choose the 6500 over the 6400 as it runs at 3.2 GHz compared to the 2.7 GHz. It is also a very good skylake quad core as this pc will only be used for gaming


I choose the Gigabyte GA-H170M-DS3H Micro ATX motherboard as I really didn't wan't a mini ATX as there wont be much improvement I can make in the future, the Gigabyte DS3H has a 2 way Graphics PCI slot and Dual Channel DDR4, 4 DIMMs


I choose a very standard amount of ram for gaming which is 2 x 4 GB and took the Viper Elite Series (Blue) as it will look cool, go with the color scheme of my build and will do it's job


The Seagate 1TB model is a very commonly seen and used HDD in many builds. However I didn't decide to purchase an SSD as I don't really see the point in me getting one at the moment (I will get one in the future)

Graphics Card

Now one basically what I consider the heart and soul of my build is the GPU. So the gpu I choose was the XFX R9 390. It is a very reliable gpu (Not as much as the MSI) and has 8GB of ram which can run games at 1080p quite well. I choose the Black edition as it has a graphite look to it which I find would look nice in the build even though I could of paid a bit more to get an MSI R9 390 the XFX still can make the cut when its comes to gaming

FPS at fully max settings: CS:GO - 300+ fps Just Cause 3 - around 50 fps Rocket League - 60 fps WarThunder - I think above 60 fps (im not sure)


Now the case, the Zalman Z9 Neo (White) was the case of my choice as it is only at $50 it is quite a good budget case which also has a side panel and a has a white/black slick coating and has 5 fans built in the case 2 on the top come with built in blue LEDS (which I find a nice touch). The case does have a lot of ventilation and has 4 built in USB slots on the top of the case. When it comes to cable management I would say for beginners it is quite easy as everything is easy to manage and put and to securely close the back panel without any problems

Power Supply

the EVGA 750W is a very solid psu as it is fully modular and is GOLD rated, the cables that come with the PSU are not that appealing but don't look that bad like other PSU but I would probably in the future when I get more money would sleeve my cables to white and blue.


The BenQ GL2460HM is a very nice well priced monitor with a 1 ms response time, 60 GHz refresh rate and 24 inch display. For some people who play cs:go and want to see a difference the 60 GHz refresh rate could be improved to a 144 GHz but obviously costing more.


In conclusion the build was awesome performed great within a decent budget and was successful, I am really happy on how it turned out.

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  • 44 months ago
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Nice job for a first build. You couldn't of chosen a better background ;). I understand what you are saying about the Mac not doing what you need as I'm currently on a Mid 2014 macbook pro 13.3 inch and even trying to play the most basic games like Minecraft is a struggle without it feeling like you have a radiator on your lap lol. Anyways you did a good job on this and I hope to see more people like you building their first PC's.

  • 44 months ago
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LOL same reason I never had an Apple product apart from an ipod I got from a long time ago. I have a laptop right now, but I just gave it to my mom and sister so I can build a desktop. I have the parts ordered, hope you follow suit :)

  • 44 months ago
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Im glad that I'm only using it because im on holiday. It'll feel so good starting my custom again xD

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  • 44 months ago
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+1 for the BB-8 toy.

  • 40 months ago
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Nice Build. The only thing I regret on choosing this case is I pick up the black one (was on sale when I bought, didn't thought it better) overall the case is nice.

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