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Blackout- Mini ITX Build

by alexlialex

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Date Published

Feb. 27, 2017

Date Built

Jan. 31, 2017

CPU Clock Rate


CPU Temperature While Idle

25.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate


GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate


GPU Temperature While Idle

35.0° C


My first Custom PC build, used mainly for gaming, video editing, and programming. I chose the Mini ITX form factor because my desk is small and I need all the space I can get.

The EVGA PowerLink was free with my GPU but I ended up not using it because of space constraints.

Sorry for the low-quality pics, I took the photos on my phone and the camera is pretty crappy.

Part Reviews


I originally planned on purchasing the 6700k and the Z170 version of my motherboard, but decided that the ~$40 premium would just go to waste because I would probably never overclock anyway (I thought the small form factor + the fact that I was using a 212 EVO left little room for overclocking). It's still a beast when it comes to CPU-intensive tasks. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my decision and the fact that I cannot overclock has not affected me in any manner whatsoever.

CPU Cooler

It's as good as everyone says.


Great motherboard for the price. Matched the black theme I was going for and had everything I needed.

I had a small issue with the included SATA cables: the SATA Express ports did not quite line up with the rubber grommet of my case, so it was impossible to connect two SATA cables into SATA Express. I ended up connecting my SSD with SATA Express and my WD Drive to the SATA 3.0 port.


Bought these on a great deal, even though H170 only supports 2133 RAM. Feels bad that I can't use these to their full potential, but nonetheless they have yet to let me down and look amazing.

Video Card

Beast of a graphics card. Thought it would run really hot under load since one of the fans is basically useless, but it seems to be fine and there are no real issues of overheating. I knew that it didn't have a backplate when I bought it, but I really wish it did.


I'm in love with this case. It looks amazing on my desk and was very fun (and beginner friendly!) to build in. Not sure if it was entirely due to the sound dampening foam, but my computer runs really quiet (the hard drive is the loudest part of the system).

Only downside is the windowed side panel scratches SUPER easily and I already have a thin scratch on the window. (mostly my fault) :(

Power Supply

Got this PSU for free (won it in a giveaway last year, lol). It works fine and I have yet to run into a problem. However, the ketchup-and-mustard cables are really ugly and basically detract from the all-black theme I was going for. Hopefully I can get another PSU sooner or later.

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Ordinarily_great 2 points 12 months ago

Amazing! Don't be disappointed by that RAM. It's Kingston and you know their Quality!