First of all the Corsair 100R is a tough case to work with!!!

The purpose of this build is mainly music production, some video editing, Uni work and maybe light gaming.

Firstly, 240mm Rads are not technically supported by Corsair 100R but by removing the 3.5' drive bay the ML240L was able to be installed. If you going to building in this case, it would require you to forcefully pull out the drive bay because the screws have been tightened pretty hard and the screw keeps turning. So keep that in mind to anyone building in this case and wants to add a 240mm radiator.

Secondly, the ML240L is great but the stock RGB fans are pretty loud!! So I am probably going to get other fans to replace them.

Now, most would think of why on earth this case???

Well this is a rebuild of my first build and I just reused this case but I would probably change cases after a while if temps start to get worse.

The case is a bit hard to deal with cable management and with the CPU cooler pumps RGB controller. I could not tidy it properly.

Aorus Pro motherboard gets the job done and for my kind of needs, it is definitely worth it. Aesthetically, it looks awesome with RGB as well. It looks really nice and future-proofing to some extent I guess.

I am not much of a gamer and the GTX960 was cared across from my old build because I am not going to be needing that much GPU power TBH.

Overall, I enjoyed working on this build and I personally think the case could be the drawback in this build. I guess only time will tell.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

The stock fans are noisy! Probably go with other aftermarket silent fans instead.. But the cooler is pretty good and keeping my i7-9700K cool. So for now, I am Happy!

Case Fan

These fans are really quiet!!

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  • 6 months ago
  • 1 point

My only thing is you might want to cable manage it a bit better so it can have better air flow

  • 6 months ago
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I totally agree with you. I will when I finish off my assignments hahaha.