one of the smaller builds for a 3900x with 1080ti and 20TB of storage [PSU: Fractal Design Ion+ 860w] (missing 4tb wdb) in a SUPER small case. built it in August (now sep.) runs good is amazing at games and other tasks. no over heating issues.

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  • 4 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice looking build. Rare to see 3900x in mATX form.

How loud is your PC while idle + under CPU or GPU load?

  • 3 months ago
  • 1 point

thank you I'v got another 1080 ti on the way. I needed something small cause i travel with my computer but did not want to be performance restricted. under idle it is very quiet under load it is a bit loud but can not be hear over a phone playing music at half volume or headphones or over stereo system

  • 1 month ago
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How are your temps in this case?