I upgraded from Ryzen 5 1600 to Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2 ghz (1.36v) and I use the OC settings here credits/thanks to Ancient Gameplays. I dont have 16 GB 3600 mhz stick so i use (16 GB Flare x 3200 CL 14) DOCP 3200, PrOCDT 60 ohms instead. My result on Cinebench R15 i got 1640-1680. No issues at all, i play mostly Cities Skylines i notice some big change feels like much smoother now though the game is still not optimized yet but im satisfied. And also Dota 2, from 120 fps to 150-160 fps much better now. Assassins creed odyssey, from 58-61 fps now 68-72 fps (custom set, very high/ultra/vol. cloud medium) not bad. I also notice that .1% low is much higher now compare to my old R5 1600. From the benchmark, i would say that R5 3600 performance may be close or the same as i7 8700/i7 8700k stock.


I use corsair H60 on the part list, my cooler was Liquid Cooler Aigo 120 mm. I cant find it on the part list. Before i upgrade to R5 3600, I updated first my motherboard using my old CPU to its latest update version to be able to use the 3rd gen processors or else I might having issues.

And also i want to add, about Manual memory tuning, follow this guy thanks to Hardware unbox

Part Reviews


Best Price to perfomance CPU. Hands down to this.

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Best price to performance CPU

ryzen 5 1600 rolls over in its grave

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