After saving enough money to buy a worthwhile computer to run all my college necessities and current games, I have built a computer that I think defines price per performance in the best way possible. Please comment, rate, and give any suggestions for future modifications to this build which will happen in the next year or so.


(AMD is out for personal reasons) I was going to go with the 4690K, but I had no plans to overclock my 750Ti or anything so I just went with a more standard and cheaper CPU that could also make a good fit with my GPU. The 4440 works just as fine for a price difference of $50 compared to the 4690K. Not only that but if you plan to overclock anything in the PC, a seperate CPU cooler is highly recommended and I didn't want to spend another $50 to make use of the 4690K. I plan to get an i7 or better (if avaliable) in the future and equip it with a much better cooler then the stock one. In other words, the i5-4440 is a great performance CPU for games and other activites on the PC that you might want to do at the same time (Netflix, Spotify, CoD/LoL, etc) with little to no lag. It performs well on many basic functions so I am less frustrated at my PC when doing busy work.


I wanted an ASrock or Asus motherboard but the prices on the most of the websites were after Mail-in Rebate which I really hate about a transaction. I found a very similar motherboard on Amazon for the same price as the Asus Z87 and the Asrock H97. The motherboard works like amazing and the BIOS screen works like a charm. Easy installation of drivers and overclock menu (if anybody is interested in it). The only criticism I have about the motherboard is that it has very odd placing of many ports which led to the routing of cables to be very difficult to fit all of it in. If you are a first time PC builder like me and you get this motherboard, I suggest you either get someone who is experienced with handling computer hardware to help you or watch a lot of videos on careful motherboard placement and wiring.


Standard 8 GB (2x 4GB) for the dual channel. I tried to find the cheapest RAM (pretty cheap everywhere nowadays) and found some on amazon for $65 but in blue, so my PC has a red and blue combination of colors instead of a single color look. Not much to say about this, 8GB is plenty for anything most people need to do. Will upgrade to 16GB very last when ALL my other parts are upgraded.


Again, standard 128GB SSD for the primary hard drive then a very cheap and fast 1TB regular HDD. I found a very cheap 850 Pro on the Microcenter website for $69.99 with $5.99 shipping which beat all the prices of other similar (worse) SSD's. Hopefully they are still in stock.

Video Card:

So the beast of the entire build, EVGA FTW GTX750Ti 2GB graphics card. This beast is probably the icon of the phrase "Price for Performance". At only $149.99 on Amazon-Prime, you get a video card that can run pretty much any game, and some games on the highest visual preset. So far I have played CoD: Advanced Warfare, SC2, BF4, and Crysis 3. On CoD: AW and BF4, I was able to run on the highest setting (minus shadows, anti-aliasing at 1x low, and low post process quality) and obtain an average of 50-60 FPS. At the bottom, there is an actual FPS model on the games listed, but rest assured your game will run on high settings atleast, if not the highest with this graphics card while having a stable FPS above 40. The fact that I can play a game that came out in late 2014 on high graphics settings on a $150 graphics card with an average CPU combination perfectly matches the price for performance goal that a lot of people want to do. You cannot go wrong with this graphics card if you are on a budget. If you have some extra money($250-$300) lying around with nothing to spend it on, then I would suggest a GTX970 with a 4690K processor with a separate cooler. This combination would probably run any game on the highest possible setting with the games out so far. But if you can handle playing on high quality with very miniscule differences in quality (dirt is more colorful, sun does not reduce FPS, etc), then the 750Ti would be perfect for you. I HIGHLY recommend getting this Graphics Card and if not, get the GTX 970. I understand that the Radeon r9 280x is really popular but it is a very expensive graphics card and has very small differences from the 750Ti, and might as well get the GTX970 if you really want a powerful GPU.

Case: I wanted the NZXT Soruce 210 White case but it was out of stock on Amazon where I was buying all my parts and I didn't want to wait so I found a similar case in that of the Rosewill Redbone. It is a nice case, doesn't match the color of my peripherals or pc components but other than that, it contains an ample amount of small fans to help cool the pc in general. It's very easy to take apart the case for beginners to build a PC using the case. My only criticism about the case is the absence of holes in the case for wires to go through except at the back of the case (where wires wouldn't even go so those holes are useless, see picture). I would recommend this case due to its cheap price, nice look, and beginner friendliness. If this is your first PC, get this case if there is no other case you want at a certain price point. If this is not the your first PC, then I recommend either a Corsair or NZXT high-end case for better cable management and general ordering of all the parts inside the PC.


I made a mistake in getting a 600W EVGA for two reasons. One, my PC does NOT need that much power at any point in time, I tried to get a higher wattage PSU just in case something happened to my PC where more power is needed, but 600W is HUGE for this pc. I recommend getting either a 350, 400, or 450 W PSU, preferably from Corsair or any other brand then EVGA. Don't get me wrong, I love my EVGA video card, but their PSU is terrible. You cannot organize your cables at all because whether you want to use a cable or not, they all come out of the PSU inside your PC, so you have a ton of unused cables just coming out of your PSU and laying on the ground of your case. It's messy and has no other practical uses. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PSU.

OS: I got a standard W7 OS because W8 is terrible. W7 is the best. No questions asked.

Optical Drive:

Didn't really care about this. I got it because although CD's are rarely used, there are those rare moments where a DVD/CD-writer can come in handy. Also its $15 on Amazon. Nothing else to say about this. If you think you'll need one, get anyone. If not, then don't get one. It is not a necessity for a PC.

Monitor: This ASUS monitor is amazing. The size is PERFECT for my gaming and other college needs. Its not huge so that my eyes have a hard time focusing, but its not to small so that you can enjoy movies or games at any time. Also this screen size allows for two FULL word docs to be open at the same time, very useful! Not only that but the monitor has integrated speakers! The sound doesn't get too loud but hey what can you expect from integrated speakers. The biggest selling point for me on this monitor? $129.99 on Amazon. 21.5" 1920x1080. HDMI/DVI ready. Just amazing.

FPS Tests For Some Games, PM for test on different Games!!

League of Legends (Highest Possible Preset, Anti-Aliasing on, Shadows - Medium) Highest- 60 Average- 60 Lowest- 58

SC2 (Highest Possible Settings, low shadows) (1v1-2v2) Highest - 102 Average- 60 Lowest- 57

(3v3-4v4, Lots and Lots of units on same preset) Highest- 68 Average- 60 Lowest- 39

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (All Settings on Extra except for, (FXAA, Medium Shadow, texture filtering, depth of field, and motion of blur) <-- [Extremely close to PS4 settings) Highest- 69 Average- 51 Lowest- 22


Again ask for more game FPS tests!!!

Good luck on building your own PC and message me for any questions at all!


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the 750 ti is not even remotely close from the performance of the 280x. The 280x has probably a average fps boost of 20fps in most AAA titles.

But, your build still looks nice. I just wanted to point that out so other people wont get bad information.