What did I built this for? Light gaming, photo and music editing, on top of all that, I wanted something nice and up to date. Also my first xeon build.

This is the first build I'm publishing to this site, which I found very helpful, also the community is very nice.

Turned my old build into an HTPC since it was still running pretty fine and never ever had any issues in five years

Now the part list

CPU: why the xeon you might be asking, and my real answer is, why not? It performs well, runs cool, has a silent and nicely performing stock cooler, the only cons are the locked clock multiplier and the lack of integrated graphics, this last one not being a con after all since I've never took advantage of it on previous builds.

MOBO: I went with asus since I really liked the bios on my previously purchased products from this manufacturer, and none of them ever failed on me. I also liked the color theme, and at 126 it was a nice deal. Supports both sli and cfx, which I might be doing later on with another psu. The optical out was a must for me too, since I'll be plugging my amplifier to it. One thing bothered me though, the box was missing that small tool to link the pins of the power switch etc, which was very nice to look at when plugged to the motherboard.

RAM: nothing much to say about the memory, I went black to keep the color theme.

HDD: oh damn.. I had this brick around and put the OS on it. The HDD is meh, will upgrade *

GPU: bought used, it's a temporary solution, not the definitive GPU, it performs really well though, I was playing The vanishing of ethan carter yesterday, everything maxed, AA 4x and AF 8x, 50+ fps without dips, will upgrade anyway *

CASE: I loved the case the moment I saw it, the jet style buttons, the colour, the handles. I might be switching to an aftermarket window since I don't think I'll be putting fans on it. The case already has seven more fan mounts. Talking of fans, I think I'll be upgrading them too *

PSU: Wanted to give RM series a shot. Heard different opinions on them, some saying It's a bad series overall, and corsair is not doing good quality psu's anymore, some saying 450 550 and 650 models are the only ones without poor capacitors (750 and 850) or overheating problems (1000), but also people who are perfectly fine with RM series. A bit overpriced, yes, and depending on the colour of my next gpu I migh consider covering the golden RM logo. Perfect for single gpu operation. Very silent on idle.

FUTURE UPGRADES HDD: I'm waiting for a consistent drop in the price of M.2 SSD, since MOBO has the socket which would save me two cables, also can be used both in sata and pcie mode, so picking up a pcie based SSD is a must. I'll just wait.

GPU: waiting for AMD 300 series either for a 380x (290x rebranded I heard, hopefully lower price), or an actual generation card which hopefully will drop in price by then.

FANS: case stock fans are too noisy, the weather is still too cold to see how well they perform. In summer I'll be switching them if I'll have any heating issue.

CONCLUSION The system is great, runs really cool despite the poor cable management (lazyness, but will fix that too) Sorry for the low picture quality, took them with a phone. Don't have my reflex at hand atm.

UPDATE 11/04/2015

-Reomoved optical drive, much better looking now

-Added new pictures taken with a better camera, yet I suck as a photographer so they're still meh compared to the truly pieces of art I've seen on this website, also I had my reflex returned with a dusty sensor, but had no time for proper cleaning. Did a better cable management instead, still not that great but the cables are like made of diamonds, unbendable.

-AMD please launch the thing

-I'm on a quest to find the best price/performance M.2 SSD for this build. Did some research but the plextors seem to be the only ones with the 10 Gb/s, followed by the samsung that can go even faster, but I'm limited to this bandwidth so it would be a waste of money to go for those. I've seen some crucial which are sata based (only 6Gb/s), but the model priced around 200 bucks (mx200 m.2) is 500GB, had my mouth dripping. Tips and comments are welcome.

UPDATE 29/04/2015

-Added new M.2 ssd, the Samsung 850 evo. Can be seen in the last picture. I was considering getting other models, focusing on pcie based M.2 ssd, but considering it's a 500GB drive, for the same price and only a slight higher speed I would have had to buy a 250GB one. In fact, even if I'm not taking advantage of the 10 Gbit the M.2 socket offers, I still appreciated the fact that I could pull away the sata cables. Also for the ones who say 250GB is the sweet spot, remember GTA V is a 50GB game, four recent games and your ssd is full. When I could finally hold the ssd in my hand I thought, they must have sent me the wrong product, this thing is small as ****. I migrated the OS from the old HDD, but as soon as it finished, I did a fresh install without even booting as a try. Installed windows in a couple of minutes, reinstalled drivers etc, and then I booted. Blazing fast, 5-6 second boot including the bios startup (fast boot enabled). I was amazed! Also basically no sound. The only thing that bothered me was the colour of the ssd, plain green with that huge white sticker that cannot be removed without voiding warranty. Why Samsung?

UPDATE 24/06/2015

-Swapped the EVGA 660 with a Sapphire r9 290 tri-x OC, selling the 660 at 120 and buying the 290 for 240, the jump is huge! Will upload pictures soon, the card is awesome, silent, cool, and pops amazing framerates. I have yet to try 1440p resolution though.

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  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

I like the case a lot. If you get the chance to do better cable management make sure to add more pictures +1

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

Definitely will Yeah the case is sweet! And didn't mention despite mine sucks (for now), it has one of the best cable management I've ever seen. It has clips on the back to hold cables, and a lot of space behind the back panel. It would close flawlessly even with the cables just thrown in the holes. Will add pics of that too.

  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

Very nice case indeed. :)

  • 60 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks :) black version is nice too imho

  • 60 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice update on the M.2 drive. However I am surprised you stuck with the included CPU heatsink, and didn't for an after market one.

  • 59 months ago
  • 1 point

sorry for the delay. thanks! anyway for the CPU heatsink part, you'd be surprised how well it cools and how silent it stays even under load. It's great value is only surpassed by it's unbearable ugliness. You're twisting the knife in the wound, but I realize that aesthetic would be the only reason to swap it with an aftermarket one. Maybe in the nearby future, a dark rock pro 3, or a noctua u14s... who knows hehe :)

  • 58 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build. Im going for similar but fhe H97 and 980 ti.

  • 58 months ago
  • 2 points

thanks actually I've recently upgraded the GPU to a r9 290 (sapphire tri-x oc), will upload pictures soon. The h97 is a good choice, I'm starting a new build for a customer with the asus h97 micro atx, and if he agrees, I'll post it here, next week maybe, so stay tuned