First build in 10 years. So much has changed since my last build. Was planning to go all-in RGB with a Meshify C but decided to go SFF due to life changes.

The build had a 3.5" HDD which I planned to replace later, but as soon as it was completed and running it suffered from head soak as there was no exhaust fan (the U9S sucks in cold air from the rear vent while the Redux fans at the bottom work as intakes) so had to replace the HDD with SSD, then another Redux fan at where the HDD used to be as exhaust. Temps became much more reasonable.

Still running a GTX 970 while waiting for next year's GPUs.

Some random thoughts:

  • Coming from a tool-less case (CoolerMaster Centurion 5), I found myself screwing screws like I've never screwed a screw before. It would've been nice if at least something was tool-less in the M1.

  • This being my first SFF build I often found myself undoing things because they need to go into the case in a certain order.

  • Would also have been nice to have a bit more documentation than this ( as I often found myself using the wrong screw and marring the paint.

  • I don't know why the USB-C and front audio headers are that long (see pictures on how much of a hard time I had with them). I don't want to remove them completely as that will leave two holes on the front panel.

  • Noctua is good stuff. The box, packaging, printed matter and the product itself all ooze quality. Will certainly buy again.

CPU Temps:

Idle: 38

CB20: 82

GPU Temps:

Idle: 35

Diablo 3: 80

Part Reviews


What can I say? Coming from a i7-860 this thing is lightyears ahead. I'm not doing a lot of heavy duty stuff for now but at least browsers and games load much faster than before. Temps are a bit high though.


Was going to get the X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi but noticed this was still on sale and with updated BIOS. Very happy to save some serious buck AND not bothered by a chipset fan.


Googled everywhere but could not find any information on the type of die. Bought anyway as it was on sale. Installed and Thaiphoon Burner told me this is B-die! With the help of Ryzen DRAM Calculator, 3733 CL16 was a breeze. 3800 was possible, but Infinity Fabric of my 3700X couldn't keep up. Finally dialed back to 3600 CL16 @1.35V for longevity.

Picked this RGB RAM as I was originally going for a full RGB build so this might seem a stupid choice for a SFF build but it turned out great, as I can easily check the fans with the RGB as illumination. The downside being unable to use a CPU cooler that requires low profile RAM.


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