I use this machine for processing images in Lightroom, as well as playing games like Baldur's Gate , the Lego games, Civ 5, XCOM etc. The integrated graphics are plenty enough for me, they really are good enough to play most things on low or medium on a TV. I'll enjoy a game the same amount whether it's on ultra or medium settings.

My goals were to use most of the parts I had already, and find the right balance between power and power consumption. I opted for the lowest power consumption desktop i7 I could find for a decent price. The i7 4785T was perfect for my needs. I ended up paying $200 for it.

The seagate 500GB came from an old external hard drive that I had. Gives me something to dump photos to temporarily, and will probably be upgraded in the future. For now, it's fantastic though.

As all the reviews state, this case is really tight to work in. I'm tempted to remove the USB front ports, and get an external hub plugged into the back USB3, as the front ones are only USB2.

I haven't yet, but I'd recommend plugging in one of the lights, I seriously can't tell if it's on or not unless I feel the case vibrating from the hard drive, or the screen is on. I've accidentally shut the computer down a couple of times trying to turn it on.

I'd considered going for a Skylake part, but the additional cost of upgrading everything right now was a real deterrent. Eventually, I'll outgrow my 4785T, and by then things will be cheaper and even more power efficient.

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