This build is a far cry from the 430 watt AMD X4 760k/AMD R7 270X that was originally housed in the case. I am keeping my monitor and not going to 4k because I both lack the money and have this one running at a healthy 75Hz. Also I would not be able to run 4k at high refresh-rates, and finally the diminishing return of refresh-rate increases exponentially after 85Hz, I know I am running 75Hz, but close enough. I tried to affix blue LED's where the red ones were... BUT I did not do a lot of research and bought the cheapest Blue LED's I could, soldered them in, and it worked for about 5 seconds and they both went out. I do not know why, but I have been offered the front panel of another computer with the identical case, next time, ill solder it with all the proper measures in place and do a good job instead of a "Meh" quickie solder job, and make sure that I do not **** anything up. I LOVE my Swans, they are amazing and kick the **** out of my old janky solution.

Here are the problems I had before with my PC and have yet to fix: There are various small nicks in the paint of my PC case and the side panel window is scratched up from transport. On black desktops my cursor leaves a small trail I believe it is referred to as ghosting but I am not sure. The tactile response on the "J" key is mostly absent and pressing it is very weird. The irreplaceable maroon red curtains behind my PC mess with my color scheme.

Other than those minor qualms, my current setup is PERFECT to me especially with its 18 second boot time.

For anyone wondering why I'm running intel? I do not approve of AMD octa-cores for gaming as I used to, and this is why. Floating-point schedulers allow a CPU to make calls to a GPU to allow the GPU to solve the problems that the GPU is made to do. That being said, Intel has one Floating-point scheduler per core, and AMD only has one every two cores. Now, in addition Intel has far superior single core performance, it is known that DX11 does not know how to distribute a workload well past 4 cores. The argument then becomes, when DX12 comes out AMD's octa-core will surely win then huh? Not so fast due to the the discrepancy with floating-point schedulers Intel still is winning by a large margin in the benchmarks I have seen. However people are saying that DX-12 will put them into the range of competition, they say that the i5 4690k will no longer smoke the FX-8350 as it did in the past... but is this true? No the 4690k will smoke any FX series processor because the iGPU can be used for coprocessing with the main GPU. However at the low end, if you pair a A-series processor with a GPU you will be in the range of competition with an i3, but the i3 will still win by 5-15%. Further more there is one more factor that has not been acknowledged as of yet, for a game to properly take advantage of DX12 the programmers would have to go through the hell there is programming at a low level, that and the fact that programmers whom already have a finished their games are highly unlikely to re-do their games. Hence why I cannot stand by any FX series chips. Despite that, I hold high hopes for the Zen series.

I am finishing a 2nd computer with the left-over parts from the original Mongoose so I figured Id use the slim RAM that I have in my build and toss some blue ram in mine. Its gonna look so cool :) Also getting another blue LED strip for the top of my computer.

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What did you do to get rid of the red, just remove the fan and/or did you have to replace the led, etc? I would like to use blue with this case as well.

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You could do that easily with some soulder, but I just took two led sticks. If you want to see shots explicitly shouling just the front, back and top to give you a better idea of how that will make the case look, ill totally do that for you. Personally I would fo for the LED strips as they are $3 on amazon. If you choose to replace the LED's you will need to make sure they are the same voltage and aprage of the LED's currently in the fan or you could run into some complications. In addition if you have a fan controller then you will have to make sure wattages are ok.


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