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RGB Sloth

by Shibs


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Date Published

May 12, 2016

Date Built

May 11, 2016

CPU Clock Rate

4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

20.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

45.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.216 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

7.2 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

38.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

69.0° C


Hey everyone, thanks for reading.

I built this PC to replace my old one. It was a massive full tower, and I just got so sick of how big it and bulky it was. I wanted a clean slate-- something sleek and tidy. The case is still moderately big, but I am in absolute love with the aesthetics. I use it to mostly game, do homework and other miscellaneous tasks. I'll be moving in with my girlfriend soon so I wanted some of her input. Because of her, I decided to go with the black/white sleek build (for me) and also deck it out with RGB lighting (she wanted lots of color). And it's sloth themed because... well sloths are awesome. The main focus of this build was longevity, powerful gaming components, and of course looks. I would actually be completely lying if I said aesthetics didn't swing me on a lot of component choices.

I did a little bit of modding to the case, as it has a ton of room up top and it's kind of a design flaw. I hid the radiator above so it wouldn't block so much of the motherboard. I found a how-to here; https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/477097-phanteks-enthoo-evolv-atx-top-fan-cavity-mod/

the NZXT Hue+ was amazing in lighting up the case, and super easy to use. The software is a little slow to respond but plenty of features. The only problem was that one of the LED strips it came with was defective. The lighting that circles around the case looks amazing in person, and the pictures don't really do it justice. Too bad I don't know how to take pictures and am only equipped with a GoPro haha.

Big shout out to v1tech.com for the custom gpu back plate. Those guys are awesome and super quick to respond to questions.

The only difficulty I had was securing the motherboard power connector to the motherboard. The white custom cables are really stiff and I had to push down really really hard for it to snap on all the way. I thought I was going to crack it I was pushing down so hard, but in the end it worked out.

Not too sure if I'm sold on the clamps around the water cooler hoses yet. I thought they would put on a nice finishing touch but now looking at it I think it might look better without them. What are your guys' thoughts?

Oh, one final and unintentional perk for this build, it's completely SILENT. Even with the doors open I can barely hear the phantek fans spinning inside. It is such an amazing change of pace from my monstrous first build.

Part Reviews


Amazingly fast, and makes multitasking a breeze. A great way to future-proof a build. I never even get close to maxing this out with gaming alone.

CPU Cooler

Keeps my CPU at very low temps-- I love it. The radiator has a nice clean logo, and on the opposite side the logo is flipped upside down, so you can place it in different orientations.


This motherboard is great. The BIOS is incredibly easy to navigate, and the the theme is gorgeous. The 3X version ensures that the SATA ports are faced sideways, as opposed to earlier versions where they were up and down. This means if you use a second GPU then the ports don't get blocked. I love this motherboard and highly recommend it.


Quick, and a ton of storage. I will probably use this drive for years to come.


Quick, and a ton of storage. I will probably use this drive for years to come.

Video Card

This thing is awesome! I get amazing performance on all my games, and the back plate is all-black and sleek. It's nearly silent, and the fans don't spin up unless I'm gaming. The RGB logo is a huge plus.


The best looking case I found. A breeze to work in, and plenty of space. Enough space to even add a custom water cooling loop soon. I wish the glass stayed clean better, as it seems to pick up dust quite easily. The biggest flaw is the top cavity which has plenty of room to fit fans or a radiator, but is instead closed off. With a little modding though, you can fit one or the other.

Power Supply

No problems at all, besides the custom white cables are extremely stiff and a little difficult to work with.


Beautiful RGB lighting, responsive typing, and a smooth design. I really couldn't ask for more in a keyboard.


When I received my first mouse from Amazon, I noticed that it was used and not in fact brand new. There was dirt on the bottom, and the package was lazely taped up. I plugged it in and immediately noticed tracking problems. I'm really disappointed in Amazon for sending me some ****** product. However, after I replaced it the new mouse works great. The buttons are very responsive and the RGB lighting is beautiful and simple to configure. I kind of miss having a place for my thumb and ring finger, as I did with my wider MSI Interceptor 2000, but it's hard to compete with these aesthetics. I still think I might go back to my MSI after a while because I like the wider design as compared to this longer design. To each their own.

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Unuvailiable 2 Builds 2 points 35 months ago

Nice rgb strip placement, I like how it shines through the strips on the front panel

Salim-GawD 2 points 32 months ago

Bruh thats a nice *** build

EdInk 11 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

Nice build and photos Gimme some more

CrimzonSlayeRx 1 point 35 months ago

dude those pictures are nasty, just take the picture, why the curve? Sweet BUild btw, +9000

wimpSquad 2 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

I think the GoPro he was using is stuck in fish-eye mode.

On that note, Shibs, do you own a smartphone? Might have worked better than the GoPro.

+1 for great looking build either way!

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

I just uploaded some more. You're right, the GoPro wasn't really meant for this sort of thing.

wimpSquad 2 Builds 2 points 35 months ago

Ahhhhhh now I see the slothful glory. Great set of new pics!

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Thanks, I uploaded some fresh ones for ya anyway :)

CrimzonSlayeRx 2 points 35 months ago

Build looks totally Different

wimpSquad 2 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

Another +1 for the Hue+

Can't... look... away...

chris.3488 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

At first glance I thought it was the NZXT Manta case. lol

Mr_Twabfish 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Great build! +1

Ahsen 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Too many nice pictures...don't know which ones to saveeeeee

DKG 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Did you mount the radiator above the fan bracket?

DKG 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

oh nvm you did, yea I'm planning to do the same thing, but i was only worried about whether the tubing would actually fit through the spacing in the fan bracket

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Yup! I had the radiator bracket already installed, then I installed the radiator through the top, and the fans below, with the bracket inbetween. It didn't affect my cpu cooling much at all.

DKG 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

And there were no problems fitting the tubing through the radiator, I was thinking that the spacing between the metal strips where the screw holes are on the bracket would block the radiator-end of the tubing of the water cooler, but I guess it still works out which is good.

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

If you push the radiator towards the back, and closest to the window (which looks best) then the hose won't hit. My original placement was more the opposite way and I did have to dremel out a square for the hose, but I switched it. My advice would be don't be afraid of cutting some holes in the radiator bracket if things don't fit. It retains it rigidity really well. As well as the top cavity of the case.

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

And it was a really tight fit with this radiator. Be prepared to spend some time with the pliers. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty ugly up there. But none of that matters with the top hat on!

DKG 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Ah okay, thanks for the advice

pucci 1 point 35 months ago

how exactly did you do the radiator mod? can you PLEASE add more pics? the future of my build depends on it!

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

I'n sorry as I'm moving and I won't have my baby for 7 long weeks :( however if you look at the link I posted thats how I did it. In order to fit the radiator I had to cut out 2 of support beams on the top of the case. I also had to flatten out the edges as much as possible, on both the radiator rack and the bottom side of the top cavity. Pliers worked great here. Just like in the tutorial. I'm not gonna lie, fitting in the radiator was a pain in the ***. It was a tight squeeze. i had to fit it in, mark the places to dremel the bolt holes on the radiator mount, dremel them, then put it together. Put the radiator mount in, then install fit the radiator into place, then install the fans below. The radiator mount will fit between the radiator and fans. Didn't affect my cpu cooling much at all. If you have more questions just ask! Glad to help.

j.diermayr 1 point 35 months ago

Would this case support the MSI X99A Godlike motherboard?

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

Yes it would.

ricinsing 2 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

why didnt I read this two days ago! speant all weekend trying to figure out how to put rads int he Evolv ATX glass without havign the rads and fans block the inside of case too much, just kept wishing it was like a Define S and I could put the top rad up higher.. ended up plannng a 240 for front and a 140m for rear with fan on outside just to get enough cooling needed.. then ordere the parts.. then read this today! so looks like I wll be looking for anotehr 240 to up top now I know I can fit the fans u into the cavity.. kicking myself for not even thinkking to look!!

cool build :)

JettaGetUpandGo 3 Builds 1 point 35 months ago

Happy to see another person utilizing the wasted space above the radiator bracket! It looks so much nicer without the radiator/fans hanging down so far.

luigiisgreeny 1 point 34 months ago

How many LED strips were you using with the Hue+?

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 33 months ago

I used 4, which were all included one hue+ package

luigiisgreeny 1 point 33 months ago

Ok thank you

aero29 1 Build 1 point 34 months ago

hello awesome build where did you get that cable clamps? attached to the aio cables?

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 33 months ago

I got it from eBay, here; http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/150508554199?_mwBanner=1

The 16mm hose clamps were perfect. The 20mm I found were too big and I would just slide around.

aero29 1 Build 1 point 33 months ago

thanks! now i know the exact size lol I bought the same thing a few weeks ago but it was too small.

victordavid29 1 point 33 months ago

Niiice, I need that^ The displays are...?

Dolomats 1 Build 1 point 31 months ago

5 stars Build since you pickup all 5 stars rated items :p

XxPCbuilder2016xX 1 point 31 months ago

Hey AWSOME BUILD! +1000 May i ask where you put the rgb strips for the front illumination?

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Thanks! I replied to someone else with more detail, but I taped one strip to the front panel, in front of the dust filter.

XxPCbuilder2016xX 1 point 29 months ago

Thank You!!!!!!!!

zzzpoohzzz 1 point 31 months ago

would you have had enough clearance with the RAM and the radiator without the mod? thinking about buying the h115i with the same ram and case.

Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 29 months ago

Yeah, just enough.

[comment deleted]
Shibs submitter 1 Build 1 point 35 months ago

I mounted it to one of the two hard drive trays on the right side of the case