Spent a while wanting to game on something else besides a PS4. PC was built in December of 2018. No major issues came up during build. It was a wonderful experience and something I would do again. Would recommend building a PC if you get the chance. The back plate for the video card came from V1 Tech. I saw it on another build on here and knew I had to get one for mine. No major issues yet also.

Part Reviews


Works well. Fan is awesome.


Looks nice in case and enjoy the lights that come off of it.


Really fast for PC. RGB is easy to control with program.


Really fast for Windows 10 and boots quick.


Does the job of holding all the games.

Video Card

Works well and matches the back plate.


Love the RGB in the case fans and cable management works well.

Power Supply

Wonderful unit in system and no issues.

Wireless Network Adapter

Does the job and works fast.


Beautiful picture quality and wonderful to look at.


Love the feel of the scroll wheel in the corner of the board. Easy to use and wold recommend.


Matches keyboard well and RGB looks awesome.


Love the wireless aspect of these headphones and works well with PS4. Nice sound


Works well with computer to give it extra light. Next I would go with the magnet ones. The tape on these work OK. I think the magnet ones would work better.


Comfortable chair to game in. Cats will claw this chair though. lol I had to cover the seat with blanket to avoid more scartches.


Works well. Will mainly use headphones though. Good sound from it. Never tried anything crazy with it. Mainly used for YouTube videos and music.

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  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

Nice build, looks clean. Good choice going with a 144hz monitor. Prices back than were sure high. I build my first system around December 2018 and remember paying so much more. Just built a system recently and was so much cheaper. Enjoy it man. I wish I could build PCs night and day its so much fun, but wallet won't allow it.

  • 4 months ago
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Does the case come with space for a liquid cooling radiator(240x120mm)?